Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

300 hundred Post....

I am amazed at how many wonderful people I have connected with in the last three years since this blog was set up. The years have brought exciting times together and some wonderful support for the challenging times. I have often felt we were sewing together in the same studio with the quilt-along we had. I have enjoyed seeing your projects as well as meeting your families. I am especially grateful for the many tutorials that have been shared here in blogland and we cannot forget the delicious recipes.

I was fortunate enough to meet two wonderful bloggers in person.. I count this as the highlight of my blogging experience...

First, a wonderful Canadian designer and Nova Scotian Karen Neary... I happen to come upon her blog which had a post for one of her workshop at the Fibre Festival in Amherst. Diamond are a Girls Best Friend (Seen on the wall)
in 2009.

My sister, Simone and I signed up and drove the six hour drive to Amherst . We now make it an annual event. October 15/11 will soon be here :)

Next my friend Michelle...

We met when Gerald and I were on a bus tour to San Antonio Texas last year 2010... and enjoyed a beautiful dinner at TGIF in Little Rock Arkansas. Went shopping at Jo-Anne's and had a heartfelt talk which was so natural it felt we had been meeting every week.

And there is Kelly ...We never met in person but we skyped on Friday afternoons to sew together and shared wonderful life experiences.

The greatest honor I received was a quilt she designed and named itAcadienne in my honor.....

The honor was shared this summer when Kelly sent me the little quilt and patterns for the girls to use in La Guilde Acadienne de Clare. Merci! Kelly♥♥♥

Now to celebrate the event of my 300th post....

When a sales representative gave a gift of a fat quarter to the guild, Art Gallery by Cador Textiles, I decided to make this,

a Karen Neary design

Around the Table

Everything went well in making this project but at the very end of the machine quilting I found I had made a mistake. It was too late to correct it and I was not about to throw the piece away....

Now for the challenge I am extending to you.... can you tell me what the mistake is?

Visit Karen's website http://www3.ns.sympatico.ca/sewkaren/patterns.htm to see the original pattern without the boo boo . Leave me a comment that you discovered the mistake and e-mail me your answer.

Do not give the answer in your comment post.
Your name will go in the hat for a draw and on September 27th.. my birthday.
I will send the lucky winner a pattern of the Around the Table by Karen Neary.

Thank you for all your support et merci beaucoup♥♥♥

Even if we have not met face to face I feel we have a special bond and get excited to see your name when you leave a comment on my post. Quilters form a special bond and it is so great that it is felt internationally because of Blogland .

Let's move on to the next 300....


  1. Yikes on those pictures, Joan! :) I'll have to get my hair done and some make up on for this year when you visit! Seriously, connecting with quilters from all over is the best part of blogging and I love it when I get to meet online friends in person. It's been both a pleasure and an honour to know you and Simone. I admire all the good things you do in your community.
    This is a fun give-away; thanks for including me in the fun. I wonder how many will be stumped!

  2. What a beautiful pattern . The mistake is not real obvious and I love the fabrics that you used.

  3. I came here from Karen's blog. Love the project. There doesn't look like any mistake, but I looked closely and I found the difference. i'm looking for your email to email you the difference.

  4. Lovely round table cloth ..... and I`ll mail you what I think,but agree,not very obvious:-)
    Congrats on the 300 posts!

  5. Congrats on your 300th post! That pattern is beautiful, and the mistake is not obvious. I will try to figure out out to email you! Thanks for the chance to win the pattern!

  6. Happy 300th! I'm sending an email.

  7. Congrats on 300 posts, Joan! Love all your pictures! Yep, blogland is a very special place, and part of the reason is you're in it!

  8. SWEET JOAN...Congrats on 300 posts!!! What a beautiful journey...here's too many more!

    Big Hugs!

  9. How wonderful - 300 posts. Congratulations and I hope you have many, many more.

  10. Not really what I'd call a mistake, more like a slight difference. It's a lovely piece. Thanks for sharing it and what a great contest. Congrats on 300 posts!!