La Guilde Acadienne de Clare

La Guilde Acadienne de Clare
Design by Kim Delh

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

And the events keep on rolling......

Easter, my favorite holiday of the year, is complete and and now it is a new beginning .... 
The snow and ice are melting and double digits temperature is evident of  "new life" in the making. 
Bring on Spring and bring on our many events scheduled at the guild.  

Our 4th anniversary was celebrated and  

                                                              it was a  fun day. 
 About 175 visitors came to support us and enjoy a wonderful meal with us.  Some quilters from other guilds came and brought their thimbles to hand quilt on our Mental Health quilts. 

In my sewing room new beginnings are taking place also..
I discovered the 60º triangle ruler 
 and with border fabric I created these table toppers. It is fun to see the finished product as it all comes together so neatly to make beautiful motifs. 

I have also been dabbling with paper piecing and making these place mats. A pattern that was given to me by my sister Simone. It has been such a tough winter her and I have not been able to visit and sew together. 
I miss her so.  I decided to connect with her through her favorite patterns. Face time is nice but you still don't get the interaction you have from sewing side by side in the sewing rooms and sharing ideas. 
  Having just celebrated siblings day....
 I appreciate all her support. 

As mentioned in the previous post next event at  the Guild is the "Wool Appliqué"  with
 Darlene d'Eon......from a Needle Pulling Thread 
all is set for that...

Next is a bus tour to Avonport Discount Fabric Shop ... 
 A few more seats left to fill and we are off for the day.... 

And a sneak peak at the event at the end of May which I will post about later...  
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
 Karen Neary ♥

So the "New Beginning" looks bright and along with the new, changes are inevitable...... to make way for new adventures. 
Happy Sewing!   

Saturday, April 4, 2015

and the rain must fall....

The snow is finally disappearing .... and the grass is peeking through the drifts. 
Easter brings new life 
May you have the Gladness of Easter which is Hope
The Promise of Easter which is Peace 
and the Spirit of Easter which  is Love.

And for me I find serenity in my sewing..
Lots of this scheduled to happen both in the quiet of my sewing room and at the Guild.

On April 11th the guild will celebrate its 4th anniversary with an Open House. Lunch, "Rappie Pie" (the famous Acadian dish) will be served. We will have a display and tutorials of various quilting  projects as well as quilts in the frames for guests to come and hand quilt. A fun day for certain....

 at last years' Open House. 
        our Juniors were hand quilting .      
Then we move on to April 25th with an exciting workshop scheduled with Darlene d'Eon from

Needle Pulling Tread. 

In Digby Nova Scotia
This is a beautiful little quilt shop..... the eye candy in there leaves you speechless. 
We are so happy to have Darlene come and teach us a wool appliqué project.

 Members have a choice 
 #1 This is a beautiful project to celebrate our Canadian flag's 50th birthday .

And #2  this little quilt .. 
                      which gives us hope that spring is finally here. 
And that is not all Darlene will be bringing her shop to the hall where we meet for a full day of shopping.
                Members are sooo looking forward to this event...  
                                        Oh! what a party!  

                                  More bags ...  
                     I just finished this bag last evening for a friend of mine... Doesn't it just spell out spring?

 I am certain my readers can read the underlying message that I have had it with the snow...oh! well we survived the harsh winter. We could have had a lot worst. 

More fun events to come and more finished UFO's  which I will post later .... 

Happy Sewing!  

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Crack open the bright colored fabric bundles...

This was the scene yesterday morning   

from my front door and dining room windows. Carol from a fellow blogger had posted a lovely view from her foyer window on FB  of her Forsythia all in bloom and this is the view I shared with her.
I heard it was the worst storm yet this year for Nova Scotia... Everything was closed.  
I connected with my kids and grand-kids who are in Dominican Republic, it not only warmed my heart to see them all tanned but made me desire "brightness" . 
So I found the brightest of fabrics in my stash 

and sewed on these place-mats.

I will be using these on my table for my Easter Brunch. We most likely will still have snow on the ground but the table will be bright and the company as well.  

I started my new quilt from Laundry Basket Quilts 
The July block in the book is American but on the  website Edyta has the Canadian version. Thank you Edyta Sitar. 

This is a beauty 

I prepared my first block ( which is the last one in the book) the December one. Yes another appliqué quilt. I guess that is my passion. I will be machine appliquéing this one.

So the winter lingers but it was cozy and bright in my
sewing room  yesterday.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cannot keep the quilters down...

This winter has been harsh but nothing has stopped the quilters from creating beautiful art works. 
The guild was fortunate we only had a few cancellations 
nothing like last year.. so we were able to create. The members who attend the Sewing Laboratories are enjoying learning the art of quilting in its many forms.

Here is one of those projects ...and my version 

Everyone did a beautiful job and I will post pictures of them later.

 I have completed my "Family Tree" quilt by Laundry Basket . 
Free Motion quilting is all done now I just have to embroider the history of our family. Birth dates, marriage dates etc... 

I had so hoped I would be able to take a picture of this quilt on the green grass but I don't think that is going to be the case for a while.    

 As mentioned in the earlier post Member Marnie is going to give us a workshop on the "Little Tree" . 

Because of the large number of members who are  going to attend I made mine ahead of time so I could help at the workshop  and have the piece on display to help the members in choosing their fabric. What a fun  little project that turns out into a fairly large wall hanging ! 

Lots of upcoming events on the Guild's calendar. 

First one being our 4th anniversary celebration with an
 Open House on April 11 from 10:00 to 3:00. There will be "Show and Tell", Quilt in the frame to hand quilt and various demonstrations on different quilting  projects as well as quilting articles for sale.  For lunch rappie pie, tea, coffee and anniversary cake.
 $10.00 per person includes lunch. 
 Admission $3.00 for those who just visit. 
Come see us. 

To come..a sneak mention ... 
Wool Appliqué
Trip to Avonport...
Diamond's are a Girls' Best Friend 

are listed on the calendar which I will post later so each one gets the attention they need and deserve... Sooo exciting! 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Faith that spring is coming!

......yes I have faith that we will be blessed with four seasons in 2015. It has been a hard winter but it will make us appreciate the black flies and the extreme heat spring and summer can bring. 

I enjoyed the opportunity to recluse to my sewing room on the days with extreme cold and sew projects that were on my wish list. 

This design by Kim Deilh was the very first hand appliqué project I did.   
 I attended a workshop in Antigonish  with my sister Simone a few years ago given by Kim from Harbour Quilt Company ( closed now) . I always wanted to to do it again so I made it as a sample for those members who want to learn freezer paper appliqué in the Sewing Labs at the guild.  
I made another chenille project. 
 This time a cushion. It  will go perfectly 
 with the quilt I donated to the church. 

 I am now into bags!
I made this one for a friend who was going on a cruise. It is called the "Big Bag' perfect for when you leave the cruise ship to visit the ports 

The next one I have had the pattern for a while now and finally it was time to sew strips 

The next one is a spring inspiration 
or maybe I should refer to it as a "spring want-to-be"! 
design by: Nancy Green -Pink Sand Beach Designs 

It has lots of pockets that is what has been happening in my sewing room lately. 
Pure serenity!  

Next on my to-do-list is a paper piecing wall hanging.
I am still attracted to Christmas projects and it is no wonder with all the snow we have had. We never had any in December so before the real hot weather hits, I want to do a few Christmas projects.
This will be a workshop at the guild to be given by 
member Marnie Hewlett.
I ordered the patterns from: 
Cindi Edgerton

 Stay safe and keep faith we will be rid of  the snow, ice and cold soon! 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sweet Project and a Sweet Treat♥

Friends of ours became Grand-parents for the first time to a baby girl who was born on the same date as our first grand-daughter, Amy, (26 years later). I decided to make the new baby, 
Annie-Clare, a wall hanging using the chenille technique.  
For this you need three same panels with very distinctive designs, a backing, and batting.  
You need to match the designs exactly, one on top of the other. If the panels are dark I use a light box. 
Pins and more pins are used  to keep the panels together so they do not shift.  
After I make my center seam diagonally I sew every ½ inch .
Sew until the whole quilt top is sewn. 
Here you see the ½ inch seams on the top 
and here you see the ½ inch seams on the back. 
I used a flannel backing. 
With the Olfa cutter you cut through the two top layers leaving 
the bottom layer to show through the cuts.
There are different cutters on the market but this one works well for me. 
Here it is all cut up. 
The binding goes on. 
Ready to be hand sewn
and because it will be a wall hanging I sew in some corners for the hanging rod.
I then place it in the dyer to fluff up the cut-seams giving it the chenille look . 
 and here is the finished project .

Winter has been fierce here too in Nova Scotia and when there is a storm nothing feels better than a nice fire in the fireplace and 
home-made peanut butter fudge.   
The recipe I have is an old recipe from my mom's cookbook....  
2 cups white sugar
1 cup evaporated (canned) milk
½ tsp. vanilla
butter the size of a walnut
Stir these ingredients together in a med sized saucepan before setting on the stove. Place on fairly low heat ~ 
do not stir 
while mixture is cooking. Let it come to a rolling boil. Soon it will begin to settle lower in the saucepan. Check for doneness by dropping a tsp. of mixture into cold water. If it forms a soft ball ~ remove from heat and stir in 1 cup peanut butter (creamy or crunchy). Pour quickly in a 8 x 8 inch greased baking pan . 
Let cool. 
Bring on the snow storms! 

Now that I am retired I have no worries about having to go on the  icy or snowy roads and I love to retreat to my sewing room and work on those special projects. In other words I am really enjoying the winter.  

I have started the sewing labs at the guild and one of the project was to introduce the "Bargello" 
 I made a Christmas theme.  
embellished it with Christmas balls and voilà..... 
Table runner all done .

Happy valentines Day everyone. 
Hope you all had a special day!