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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sweet Project and a Sweet Treat♥

Friends of ours became Grand-parents for the first time to a baby girl who was born on the same date as our first grand-daughter, Amy, (26 years later). I decided to make the new baby, 
Annie-Clare, a wall hanging using the chenille technique.  
For this you need three same panels with very distinctive designs, a backing, and batting.  
You need to match the designs exactly, one on top of the other. If the panels are dark I use a light box. 
Pins and more pins are used  to keep the panels together so they do not shift.  
After I make my center seam diagonally I sew every ½ inch .
Sew until the whole quilt top is sewn. 
Here you see the ½ inch seams on the top 
and here you see the ½ inch seams on the back. 
I used a flannel backing. 
With the Olfa cutter you cut through the two top layers leaving 
the bottom layer to show through the cuts.
There are different cutters on the market but this one works well for me. 
Here it is all cut up. 
The binding goes on. 
Ready to be hand sewn
and because it will be a wall hanging I sew in some corners for the hanging rod.
I then place it in the dyer to fluff up the cut-seams giving it the chenille look . 
 and here is the finished project .

Winter has been fierce here too in Nova Scotia and when there is a storm nothing feels better than a nice fire in the fireplace and 
home-made peanut butter fudge.   
The recipe I have is an old recipe from my mom's cookbook....  
2 cups white sugar
1 cup evaporated (canned) milk
½ tsp. vanilla
butter the size of a walnut
Stir these ingredients together in a med sized saucepan before setting on the stove. Place on fairly low heat ~ 
do not stir 
while mixture is cooking. Let it come to a rolling boil. Soon it will begin to settle lower in the saucepan. Check for doneness by dropping a tsp. of mixture into cold water. If it forms a soft ball ~ remove from heat and stir in 1 cup peanut butter (creamy or crunchy). Pour quickly in a 8 x 8 inch greased baking pan . 
Let cool. 
Bring on the snow storms! 

Now that I am retired I have no worries about having to go on the  icy or snowy roads and I love to retreat to my sewing room and work on those special projects. In other words I am really enjoying the winter.  

I have started the sewing labs at the guild and one of the project was to introduce the "Bargello" 
 I made a Christmas theme.  
embellished it with Christmas balls and voilà..... 
Table runner all done .

Happy valentines Day everyone. 
Hope you all had a special day! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Perfect Timing

I had mail last evening... and just in time for something new to read and enjoy in this blustery winter weather,   
 Karen Neary's new book . 
It is full of beautiful projects and ideas .
Love it! ( J'aime beaucoup) 
 and what a surprise to see my runner published in it! 
I am so honored. 
The one next to mine is one of  member (of the Guild) Alisa Aymar  who has attended Karen's workshops.   

Speaking of Karen Neary, When she came to visit the guild she had given us one of her beautiful kits.
 and member Marnie (who loves paper piecing)  made it for us .

Great job Marnie!
( J'aime) 

I have started the new program in the guild. I call it Sewing Labs and the first session was a great success.  
Everyone is attentive to their project  which was a mug mat. 
The next time we have a Sewing Lab we will be doing a Valentine Project 
Round Valentine Topper by Barb Gaddy. 
Pattern available on    

My Garden Sunflower Quilt is back from the quilter 
 Designed by Cheryl Benner
 Yes. it is that time of the year when I donate a quilt to our church in memory of my dad. 
 The quilting is perfect... by Marguerite Melanson 
A very cheerful quilt that would be perfect for a cottage quilt! Tickets will go on sale at
 Expo-Quilt Show 
Dates this year from July 27th to 31st 

 Hope everyone is warm and safe on this winter January evening!
It is always warm in a sewing room!  
Happy Sewing! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year

Wishing you all the best in the new year; good health, happiness in abundance and the time to devote to your quilting!    

Speaking of which I hope to do just that as I am 
 So the first thing on my new year's list of things I wish to do, is to finish all my UFO's . 
I also will be able to do more activities in the guild. Right away in January I am going to start a new program (every other week) within the guild to help those who are new to quilting . Us quilters have a lingo of our own and sometimes we forget people who are new to the art are not familiar with it. We will be looking at understanding the full usage of computer sewing machines which again can be a challenge for those who only ever sewed on their grand ma's sewing machines. And of course we will look at reading the patterns and sewing different techniques. 
So sewing and more sewing is the primary objective I have for my retirement!  

Monday, December 15, 2014

Around The World Blog Tour

I was asked by Darlene from

  to participate in the Around The World Blog Hop. I am from a

 little french Acadian village in Saulnierville Nova Scotia Canada

 and I was very happy to accept the invitation because it was a 

good way to get me back to blogging. 

Whew! I am a real delinquent 

when it comes to keeping my blog active. 

Lots have happened. I have had surgery on my knee and it 

was very successful but I was told I need a knee

 replacement after all. There is a waiting list for  that surgery

 here in Nova Scotia and the waiting period is about two 

years ): 

   A more peasant subject, sewing,  which is what I will be 

doing as I  retire officially Dec 31.  I 

have been off on sick leave for my surgery and so I will

 only return to clean out  my office. 

1. What am I currently working on ? 

My BOM; Words To Live By ..  
I just finished the 14th block  
the end is near, I will be putting the blocks and the borders on in the new year. 

This is another project I am working on 
Family Tree 
This one is my last quilt block. I have 4 corner blocks to do and the border. This is machine appliqué and I am going to machine quilt it myself!

In-between these projects I am doing the hexies. 
My basket is ready for anywhere I go. When I came from the hospital I could not use my right leg freely making it impossible to machine sew.    
These were perfect while propped up on a pillow 
and I got all these  done ready for 
This quilt by Edyta Sitar, Laundry Basket 

And Christmas is soon here. I am afraid I did not get to make all the gifts I wanted to, again because of the surgery scheduled unexpectedly.

Here is a decorative cushion I am working on   
hoping to get it done and wrapped for next week. 
This one is already and will be wrapped tomorrow. 

Since I could not use the foot pedal 
I made some book marks on the embroidery machine to put in my Christmas cards. 

2. How does my work differ from others?

I don't think my work differs from my fellow quilters except for the

 fact that  I am very fond of BOM's. Even when I buy kits I 

schedule to do them one block a month.

 3. Why do I create?

I was telling hubby just this week while 

sharing Christmas memories that I was never fond of playing with

 dolls. For Christmas I always wanted something I could create

 something with. Kits were my favorite gifts.

Jewelry, paper dolls, puzzles, science kits, knitting 

 and oh yes sewing kits. 

 4. How do I create?

I usually am inspired by the fabric first. For some reason the

 fabric will tell me in what project it should be used in and therefore

 what I should make. I have favorite designers I like to 

follow. I have only designed my own pattern a few times and

 when I did it was sew as you go. 

This is the quilt I just finished that I designed with inspirations from 

the Baltimore Beauties. I call it the Blue Rose. This came about

 when we were struck severely by hurricane "Arthur" in June and

 the power was off for three days. What do you do when you

 cannot use your sewing machine? You hand sew! I started 

by appliqueing pieces together for the center and it ended up a


 So that is it from me...        
Thank you Darlene for inviting me to participate in this. 
I want to wish you all, a very Merry Christmas,
 a Happy New Year 

to you and your families. To my followers I will try to put in a stronger effort to blog more often in the  new year! 


Sunday, November 9, 2014

A blessed celebration

The day was perfect with the Holy Spirit as the special guest.

My husband was ordained at a beautiful ceremony at the 
"Sacré-Coeur " church in Saulnierville NS  with about 300 people in attendance

 Gerald Tufts

 Ordained by Arch-Bishop Most  Rev. Anthony Mancini
Gerald receives the sacrament 
 Most Rev gives him his Ministry... 
"Work with families "!

The new Deacon celebrates the mass, 

and thanks everyone for all their contributions to his spiritual journey.  

Meet the coordinator of our church 
Jean- Louis Robichaud 

His message was sooo touching. While working on the parish archives he found a letter Gerald's ( late ) mom had written in 1958, in it she is thanking a priest who had moved to another parish, for his services. 
She wrote, she had been praying for one of her young sons to choose the sacerdotal. 
Those payers were answered today, Nov 8 2014 
" Never loose faith  when asking for something" .
 The whole family was certain her presence was felt in the church on this special day! 

My sister, Simone,  made him a special quilt.  

The "Faith Quilt" by Anita Goodesign! 
It is absolutely beautiful and it will be treasured forever♥