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La Guilde Acadienne de Clare
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Snow is on the ground and.....

the decorations seem more appropriate...
Friday was the day I started to decorate with the intentions of only doing a few boxes
but one box led to another and soon I had
  put some out all day. It seems they don't look right if everything is not displayed together...
I had no intentions of putting my tree up yet but
                                          There it stands ... in the family room
I choose red this year because it is bright and I know grand-son Miguel's first Christmas will brighten our Holidays
I managed to take a break in between the rooms and glanced at  my Quilt World magazine only to find a quick and interesting project. 

A Holly Leaf Fabric Bowl... a fun and easy project to make!!!!

Happy decorating!  Now comes the baking...

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  1. Your house looks lovely, so very festive. I haven't really started yet. I have my advent calendar out and ready to go and while digging that out I found my stand mixer cover to that is adorned. I love the bowl. I'll have to scout out that magazine.
    Merry Christmas......Joyeaux Noel!