Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Another Canadian Winter Sunday

But in my book .... a perfect sewing day!
  It was a nasty storm with mass cancelled. After some reading in my bible I retreated to the sewing studio. TV on to watch the Olympics and the sewing machines are revved up for a perfect sewing adventure.       

Ahhh! the Rose of Sharon. I love this pattern and every time I see a version of this quilt pattern I am so attracted to it. I have been doing some hand appliquéd blocks but 
 when I found this machine appliquéd  program I just had to have it. When I went to Amherst in October to visit Mrs Puglsley Emporium I picked up some gorgeous fabrics to make this version of the Rose of Sharon .   
 Lots of blocks to make. 
but I decided to make a sample as this is my first attempt at machine appliqué.

... and here is the finished sample. 
I think I am ready to go for the real blocks to make the large quilt.

And more sewing on my Block of the Month 
working on the top border  
The finishing line is in plain site and as I near it I am planning on how this quilt should be quilted. Um???
 I am thinking I may do some free motion. 

I made this wall hanging I discovered on Moda Bake Shop. 
 Last year we had a family of red cardinals visit our bird feeder and this year I only saw one and only the one time. 
I love  Red Cardinals. there are many different legends about the red cardinal one legend  says that seeing a cardinal flying towards the sun is good luck. The bright red colors of the bird's feathers signify confidence and great abilities.
Seeing a bird can mean an individual  is to tap into the creative being. Seeing a red cardinal is a reminder to focus on our faith.  

A few years ago, fur coats were worn and actually enjoyed but that is not the case today. So I had mine, ( Blue Fox) stored in a closet and I was a bit torn as to what to do with it. 
Whenever I wore my coat when GD Amy was little she would  ask to cuddle with it. My friend Carmen who is a wonderful seamstress turned it into a fur lap quilt for her, Amy.  
( I  will give it to her at Christmas )
I am so happy it will be passed on.  
She was able to make a cushion as well.

Well the guild was finally able to meet last Wednesday. It had been three weeks. Three storms closed the meetings.  This week the executive meets to look at and plan spring activities.  Yippee!  
 This is the workshop scheduled for March. My friend Elaine will be doing this workshop. It is a beautiful folded Star. 
Well hopefully this week will be mild. I don't mind the cold weather as long as it is not storming.  
Stay safe!  

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  1. What a post full of eye candy! I love your cardinal!!!