Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Winter Blues...NOT!

I know we have had a harsh winter but I truly believe when you are a quilter no weather can bring you down. 
Lots happening here.
Grand -daughter Ariane and member of La Guilde made her school project on La Guilde and won~! 

Ariane with her fair project on La Guilde Acadienne de Clare
She earned a spot to go to show her project in Halifax. 

Our sewing retreat was a great success and so much fun~!

All evening Friday and all day Saturday members got together and shared the love of sewing. 

The talents were displayed in full force and lots of projects were made for the guild's emporium.
My projects were 
The pattern from the Pattern Basket 
Everyone who saw our aprons at the Tea in November commented on them so these will be on sale in our shop at our open house♥

And nothing warms my heart more than mail... especially when it involves quilting~! 
This is my last border appliqués for my BOM
Spring Bouquet by Laundry Basket.

Finally we had a Wednesday with no serious storms and I was able to visit a new Quilt Shop in Digby
Quilt Shop 

And to fight off the winter blues I shopped...   

Here is my stash and believe it when I say it could have been much larger. Darlene has a beautiful array of fabrics, supplies and lots of eye candy!  

 As for my sewing here is a project I just finished.   
Swirled Christmas tree wall hanging 

The pattern comes from Cratsy Quilting
Daughter Liette had seen this on Pinterest and adored it. I have no problems making Christmas projects now, as a matter of fact they are my favorite small projects on my to-do list~!

Happy sewing! It has been and interesting winter and the spring is in the air as we enter Lent 2014. 

(Joel 2, 13) Rend you hearts and not your garments: ( it is not our clothes we need to change but our hearts)   


  1. Congratulations to Ariane! So nice to see the young ones involved in quilting. Your guild has so much fun. I am hoping to get a trip to visit Darlene's shop this summer.

  2. Way to go Ariane! I've had my eye on that Swirled Christmas Tree pattern too - I love it (maybe because it resembles feathers?!)

  3. Love your swirled Christmas tree. It's on my list to make someday!! Hope to visit Darlene's new shop this summer. Have a great weekend.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS to Ariane!!! How wonderful!