Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jelly Roll Block and some update on my travels!!!

Block #9 for thein the April Cornell .... Decadent Victorian

this was a fun and easy block.. it does not take any time at all to make and I was glad because I have limited time left to work on sewing projects ....I will not be able to work on the

until I return from my trip....

Which brings me to the update of our Bus Tour to San Antonio

... It is quite exciting ....Saturday, July 26th the bus leaves from St John New Brunswick so we are crossing on a ferry from Digby Nova Scotia on Friday

Day #1 on to Boston;

Day#2 Washington DC;

Day #3 Knoxville Tennessee;

Day #4 Little Rock Arkansas; This is where the highlight of my trip takes place...this is where history is going to be made .... Kelly and I are meeting for the first time in person and that is not all... Michelle is coming to meet Kelly and I, for the first time also... Now do you think Little Rock will ever be the same? (I am considering calling the authorities in Little Rock to advise them there will be lots noisy chatter but not to be alarmed ....just happy charming girls:))) oh ma ma... This is like Christmas in July!!!! Doesn't get better than that! I know it will be too short a visit ( Ok!Ok! I am greedy!)and I will hate to move on.....

to San Antonio for four days...

return trip brings us to ...
July 4th, New Orleans...

July 5th Charlotte North Carolina....

July 6th.... Danbury Connecticut

and then back to Canada.

Now remember this is all taking place on a bus so I prepared all this......

What a perfect opportunity to get some appliqué done ... and the "Orange Peel" has lots....Some of our friends who are travelling with us are not surprised I will be quilting and they are not quilters....

This is the first thing I organized in the suitcase ... never mind the clothes....

So this may be my last post for a while. I will have my camera and I will take lots of pictures but I am not bringing my laptop so I cannot download the pictures until I get home. I will check my blog and answer comments every evening, once we land at our hotels.

♥Kelly and Michelle ♥....one week from today!


  1. OH WOW--I wanta come along to and meet everybody!!! Maybe next summer!!! so int he meantime--DO NOT forget to take lots and lots of pictures to share with us that can not go!!!
    Be safe and have fun
    Hugs, Di

  2. Ooooooooooooh I wish I could be a fly on the wall
    and listen to you all talk and hug each other. It'll be soooooooooooooooooooooo awesome.
    Have a great trip Joan!

  3. Somebody's going to have to make a quilt to commemorate this historic meeting, lol! I'm so excited for you guys!

  4. How exciting! I wanna come along too! ☺
    We'll miss you while your gone, have a fantastic trip and bring back lots of pictures for us, ok? ☺

  5. Hi, Joan - What a WONDERFUL trip you have planned, beginning with the ferry ride from Digby. Spending the 4th of July in New Orleans will be a special memory also (are you taking an Acadian flag? :) ...although meeting your friends will be tops. I wish you sunshine and blue skies the whole way there and home. Have fun!

  6. What an incredible trip...OMG you girls are going to have so much fun! ENJOY every minute!
    Your block looks great!

  7. You girls are going to have fun...your block reminds me that I have to do mine yet!

  8. Lovely block Joan! And, your new applique is going to be so pretty! I'm so very sad that I'm not able to be there to meet you. But, I hope that you and Michelle are having a great time!

  9. J'ai commencé un project avec du April Cornell Decadent Victorian et il me manque du "Polka Dot" de cette ligne de tissu.

    Vous en auriez pas à me vendre? J'habite à Saint John, NB.


    Rosa Robichaud