Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Between Charming Friends Quilt Along..

is finally finished ..in the Dandelion Fabric I know! I know! you are probably thinking I have reformed to lighter fabric..... Oh! I don't think so.. not used to having projects in light fabric, I had to take two pictures because I didn't think it would come out, the reflection was so bright ...LOL ....

Thanks Kelly and Darlene.. I love the pattern...

Remember the "Starlight Express" I made last winter? It's all done. the hand quilting by Agnes.... Fabric, Glacé by 3 Sisters

Next was the
and the last block
put all the blocks together..... and the quilt looks like this...fabric "Decadent Victorian" by April Cornell

This summer has been very eventful to say the least and I found it very difficult to find the time and spirit to get back to my sewing.
But last week my grand-daughter Laurène, came for a little help in sewing a birthday gift for her sister Ariane and it really inspired me to get back to sewing.

Laurène enrolled in sewing classes last year for the first time and does beautiful work. A sweat shirt for sister Ariane, in her favourite color (Shhhh it's a surprise)!

Even added a hood... perfect for the cool nights when they are out camping....

August 15th is the date designated for the Acadians and many of our Community events end today. Our Acadian festival and celebrations which have been going on for the past three weeks were officially closed this evening.

This also indicates to me a return back to a routine and schedule so I am hoping it will bring me back to my sewing regularly and blogging. I miss my contacts with all you guys and I must say it really shows me how much you inspire me to get projects going.

Anne from Seize the Day has put out a sort of challenge as to what our week was like. I guess this is what mine looked like and I must say it was great to get those UFO's finished but I am anxious to making a new project.

So what does your week look like?


  1. Your quilts are beautiful Joan. Your grand-daughter did an awesome job with the sweatshirt.
    Since the kiddos are still on summer vacation, we are just going to hangout at the beach, pool, art classes and catch a couple of movies. We try to keep busy so the kiddos don't complain they're bored :)

  2. I love your quilts- so pretty!

    And a good idea for a challenge/question- our weeks are all different depending on our "place" in life...kids grown up, kids at home, working outside the home, working at home....but we all connect with quilting. How cool is that??

  3. I'm glad to see you're back with more of your beautiful quilts. I'm actually looking forward to setting goals next month, because I've been slacking all summer.

  4. the quilting on your glace quilt is stunning! great job!

  5. Always so many beautiful things to see here! Love your Between Charming Friends quilt - thank you for playing along. :-)

  6. Love your Between Charming Friends and your Starlight Express is absolutely gorgeous! What a great job getting your Jelly Roll Quilt Along done...that's next on my list. How fun to spend time with your grand daughter!

  7. I"ve missed you, Joan. Glad your granddaughter got your "sewing bug" back for you...LOL How old is your granddaughter? She's such a cutie. And I'm SEW happy to hear she's signed up for sewing classes. I'm sure she makes you proud and gives your heart a smile when she sits at yoru sewing machine.

  8. I just love your work! I am in love with Starlight Express!!!

  9. Good for Gch to start early learning the sewing part,Great to see :-)
    And you JR looks super,so lovely fabric roll. The most elegant,I have seen!!

  10. Your granddaughter did a great job on that sweatshirt. :) Wonderful and those quilts are darling. love them