Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Secret Santa Update


and what a challenge it is!
I hope everyone who has submitted their e-mail has a partner. By the looks of my Inbox and Sent box I would say YES!
Now the challenge is to get everyone to e-mail me their mailing address. I have received e-mails wanting to know the address of their partner but as I mentioned in the first e-mail I sent everyone; I will e-mail the address as soon as I receive it.

Those whom I did not receive an e-mail address, I can only hold your name until others acknowledge they are still wanting to participate because as far as my records indicate everyone has been paired with a Secret Santa.!
......Please forgive any glitches... it was four intense days and.... four nights of just putting the names to the right  blogs so everyone could connect to their partner! 

Now for some excitement.... This is the week-end I am off to sew with designer Karen Neary in Amherst at the Fibre Festival! And  the Meadow Song Workshop...( She has beautiful eye candy of the opening event!) 

My case is all packed

And so is my sewing machine!
Road trip early tomorrow with two friends and my sister Simone...


  1. Have a wonderful weekend Joan! Can't wait to see what you make. Sorry I can't join in for Secret Santa this year...maybe next year...

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend with your sister and friends.Relax and enjoy!!

  3. Have a great weekend Joan! And thank you for all the work you've done to get us all Secret Santa's! {{hugs}}

  4. Hi, Joan: Your case looks so organized! I am just back from the first workshop and it was so much fun - I had "stuff" everywhere! They asked how big my sewing room is, I took up so much space today. Looking forward to seeing you and Simone again, and meeting some new friends travelling in your group this year.
    Oh...and I'm happy to report we didn't blow any fuses today, so we are good to go for Friday. Bring it on!
    Safe trip, see you soon.

  5. That's a lot of work for the swap, you're doing a great job Joan! Enjoy your weekend - it sure sounds fun!

  6. Thank-you so much for organizing the swap!!
    Have a great week-end!

  7. I did not get any information. please contact me

  8. Thank you, thank you dear Joan for organizing this swap. Have a fabulous time at your sewing event.