Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Lots happening

Mystery block of the month #9 I love these. I decided I am going to make them into placemats instead of a quilt. It will make for an interesting dinner table conversation at Christmas .

The Tri-County Women's Centre had a special event's banquet to honor 7 women who made extensive contributions to their community on International Women's day

and Gerald's mom was one of the recipients. She was writer and a historian who will live on in the Acadian communities not just here in Nova Scotia but across the Nation.

Gerald was asked and honored to receive his mom's award. His acceptance speach was very touching.. Commencing with "What would Mama say?" (Her spirit was felt in the room. )

As I said; lots happening... I am sewing on my Garden Party quilt and also making a few projects for the church bazaar this summer.

I was very excited to be invited to special event in my community by "La Société Acadienne de Clare" where they honored a new society in the community....."La Guilde Acadienne de Clare " .

I did take some time off and Gerald and I went away to just relax.... NO cooking and nothing on the agenda!

Now it is back to work and a full agenda again... But sewing is always on the top of the list!♥♥


  1. Those are lovely Joan! They'll make wonderful placemats. Sounds like you two have much to be congratulated on!

  2. What an accomplishment! What a woman! The family must be so proud...Congratulations!

  3. The placemat idea is a good one! I am planning to make it into the full quilt to give to my mom (she is hard to buy for) because I already gave her a Schnibbles tabletopper in this fabric line. She will be all coordinated...but hmmm placemats...may have to rethink my idea!