Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Excitement is in the Air...

The guild members are all excited...
Mrs P's from Amherst Nova Scotia is coming to town...
Yes that is right. Check out her blog...


She has her cute little trunks all packed for the Trunk show at the Guild on May 11.  Check out the eye candy! On ma ma ! I am drooling already. I am sure there will be lots of these,
I will have photos to show you!

On Saturday we had a Sewing Machine Savvy workshop

 Diane from Knit and Stitch,  representative for the Guild's Janome Sewing Machines is a super teacher.
The members were thought everything about the machines. It is so nice to be informed as to what exactly they can do.
 Diane and Wayne make certain we know what every button on the machines are for. So many times I have been frustrated with a machine because I could not use it to its full potential as I did not understand how it worked. After the workshop Saturday we all felt confident we could pass on our knowledge to the new sewers especially the Junior sewers.  

At the end of the day  
we did a mug mat using all the skills we learnt! 

Oh Ma Ma Look who is One already!
We celebrated his first birthday Sunday! And no no; he does not like cake... I was so excited because he could get into his birthday cake but surprise grand-maman ... he did not want to see it after he had a little taste . Oh, well mama and papa are glad because they prefer he not have any sugar except the natural kind.  
Where did the last year go?


  1. Woohoo !!! I'll just lay odds that you go home with some goodies from Mrs. P.

    I "do" mug rugs - anytime, any place, any size shape or fabric. Looks like fun!

    Happy B-day Little Miguel!!

  2. Oh you will have lots of fun I am sure when you have your special guest come to town. What a great idea to have a workshop on your sewing machines , a perfect way to learn the ins and outs of what it does . Happy Birthday to your sweet grandson.

  3. Miguel is adorable! I'm glad you had such a good class for your machines. Now that I've been working on mine for awhile, I'd lie to go back for a refresher course.