Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Days Gone By...

This week is designated to nurses and I think it is well deserving.
This was taken 44 years ago and hard to believe I have worked in the Health Care System in one capacity or another since then.

This was my caping day! Such a proud moment to have that cap... the next step was the changing of the stripe on our cap when we graduated!

As for the activites in the sewing department I have a lot going on but no finishes. 

We are all ready for our visit from Mrs P and Karen Neary on Saturday.  Only 4 more sleeps!  
I will definitely have photos of that event.


  1. Very fantastic and well-written post.I read and like the post.It,s extremely good and very helpful for me..

  2. Thank you for all you've done for others, Joan.
    Our son has one more semester to go and he'll be an RN. He was a deputy for 6 years and a fireman before that and finally decided he wanted to do "more' for others so he quit everything at 26 and went back to school (again) to become an RN. He now says he will go to work, when he gets his certification at the end of this year but continue the schooling to get his Masters, and beyond.


  3. You have certainly "given" of yourself for many years, and I know that will continue for many more. I am packing up today, and will see you soon! Really looking forward to my visit.
    PS You look like Simone in that picture!