Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
Expo-Couverte Quilt Show

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

And the events keep on rolling......

Easter, my favorite holiday of the year, is complete and and now it is a new beginning .... 
The snow and ice are melting and double digits temperature is evident of  "new life" in the making. 
Bring on Spring and bring on our many events scheduled at the guild.  

Our 4th anniversary was celebrated and  

                                                              it was a  fun day. 
 About 175 visitors came to support us and enjoy a wonderful meal with us.  Some quilters from other guilds came and brought their thimbles to hand quilt on our Mental Health quilts. 

In my sewing room new beginnings are taking place also..
I discovered the 60º triangle ruler 
 and with border fabric I created these table toppers. It is fun to see the finished product as it all comes together so neatly to make beautiful motifs. 

I have also been dabbling with paper piecing and making these place mats. A pattern that was given to me by my sister Simone. It has been such a tough winter her and I have not been able to visit and sew together. 
I miss her so.  I decided to connect with her through her favorite patterns. Face time is nice but you still don't get the interaction you have from sewing side by side in the sewing rooms and sharing ideas. 
  Having just celebrated siblings day....
 I appreciate all her support. 

As mentioned in the previous post next event at  the Guild is the "Wool Appliqué"  with
 Darlene d'Eon......from a Needle Pulling Thread 
all is set for that...

Next is a bus tour to Avonport Discount Fabric Shop ... 
 A few more seats left to fill and we are off for the day.... 

And a sneak peak at the event at the end of May which I will post about later...  
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
 Karen Neary ♥

So the "New Beginning" looks bright and along with the new, changes are inevitable...... to make way for new adventures. 
Happy Sewing!   

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  1. I'm glad your anniversary was such a success. And so many fun things coming up! You deserve it after the winter you had. Enjoy your bus trip, and have fun with Darlene. And try to find some 'real' time with your sister.