Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer fun..

This is how I used to spend my summers
 My adventurous years... 

 I revve this machine .. no wind in my face and no bugs in my eyes... 

We just celebrated a full week of Acadian Pride in Clare and what a full week it was.
The University St Anne was buzzing with its alumni members as it celebrated its 125 anniversary .

We just returned from a week of relaxing in the beautiful province of PEI. 
This was the view we woke up to every morning from our cottage deck.. Pure serenity...

Two of our grand-daughters (Yvelle's daughters) had the opportunity to go to France with La Baie en Joie to dance for the Acadian festival there ..

Laurène is the fourth one on the left and  Ariane is the second to the last one you see on the right .The 7th in the picture 
What an honor!  

Next event on our calendar
August 23rd 1969 

And this handsome couple ... my son and his wife Monique announced they were having a second baby 
 a brother or sister to 

I am thinking it will be a bit of a challenge to share his "grand-papa" with the new sibling. 
Here they are sharing a story about boating on the lake at the cottage( not something Miguel is too fond of)  

and so the summer is rolling right along... I have enjoyed it so far being retired and all... 
Sewing continues. Tomorrow I am off to Par-en-Bas at the Patchworks Pals guild to teach a paper piecing workshop. 

Accompanying me are two of our guild members 
Clara and Christina . Fun fun..day looking forward to seeing everyone from Par-en-Bas.
The guild will resume its sewing session on September 2nd... 
lots on the to-do agenda.


  1. What a wonderful summer you've been having! I hope more fun times are on tap.

  2. What a beautiful quilt in your header photo.