Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
Expo-Couverte Quilt Show

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November brings on preparations

The Guild is in full preparation mode.
Members are busy with their Christmas projects and member Lorna has become the Elf who oversees these preparations with the Wednesday Labs. The November project is this beautiful   
 Crazy Quilting Christmas stocking. ..This one is Lorna's sample 
 So beautiful with the Victorian style  
...the lace, the braid and the decorative stitching in gold . So beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing all the ones that will come out of the workshop.

And the Guild has more preparations: 
The annual Christmas Tea, 
  on November 15th and these preparation are in full mode. 
The baskets are filling up for our "Baking Supplies" Lottery
Each member is asked to bring an article of baking they choose from a  huge grocery list . 
The lucky winner will have everything  needed for the Christmas baking . 
(Last year my sister Simone won it and believe me it was put to good use as she loves to bake) 
My duty is the provide the door prize so this year I made 
...this little Christmas cushion.

Like the poster indicates it is a fun day and we look forward to serving you while chatting about quilting. 

 Since 2011 the spirit of quitting has been alive in our little corner of Nova Scotia. This was the mandate, I aimed for when I asked if anyone was interested in joining me to quilt. It feels so good to be able to share with others the fun of quilting and to belong to an association which promotes this. La Guilde Acadienne de Clare with its one hundred members has become a big family of quilters . Here in Canada we can expand our family on a National level  by joining the         
I am very excited to inform my fellow Provincial quilters that I have accepted to become the Nova Scotia  representative of the CQA .
.. and its goal is to keep the quilting alive, which has been my goal since 2011.  
Happy Quilting !


  1. I can't believe it's been 4 years since your Guild was started. How nice to have such an active and involved group of like-minded women. Our Guild has become very apathetic. We need some new life!!

  2. You have one of the most active quilt guilds I have ever seen. And it sounds like you are one of the driving forces. Congratulations on your achievements and best wishes to continue meeting your goals with your new position.

  3. Joan, I loved reading your post. Lorna's stocking is beautiful, and your cushion is so, so pretty. Lucky person who wins that! My sincerest congratulations on your appointment as CQA rep. I can't think of anyone in our province who will do a better job connecting quilters on both a provincial and national level. I am waving my pom poms cheering you on!! xoxo Karen