Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
Expo-Couverte Quilt Show

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Another successful event.

The 2015 Christmas tea 

 event is passé and I am happy to report is was a success again this year. It is such a pleasure to see everyone come together to make the event the success that is has been all the five years we have been doing it. The warm and friendly atmosphere makes the members of the community come back year after year. 
 Merci is a small word to express the gratitude I have for all the hours the members put  in, in planning this and preparing the decorations, the food, the lotteries and the sewing of projects to be sold in our store.
Sewing on these projects is fun as we all get to cheer each other on.

Member Paulette  
initiated the project ..  Owl Potholders 
Here is member Charmène working away at the "Owls" 
Member Dorothy adding the finishing touches and 
member Clara analyzing her last stitches... 
Thank You to everyone!

As I mentioned November is a busy month for everyone and in the family we have the birthday of our oldest daughter 

and I was able to complete her quilt   
 Under the Stars by Rabbit Factory 
 I machine quilted it with a primitive design  
and the snowmen I made with wool appliqué. 
Yvelle loved her little quilt and I enjoyed making it. 

TA ta for now... One day at A Time! 

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  1. So glad your Tea was a success. The little owls are adorable. And I love your daughter's birthday quilt. I recently saw a quilt on a blog and i wanted to copy the quilting on a quilt of mine. But I couldn't remember which blog. Guess what! It was yours. You showed a yellow quilt down a couple of posts, and the quilting is perfect for a yellow quilt on my pile. Thanks for the inspiration.