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Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Christmas Tag for the Charming Girls

When I was a little girl, (not too long ago) the week before Christmas my father would drive us all over the Community to see the Christmas decorations . What a magical moment for my two sisters and I!! This year I have relived those moments when I visited your blogs and admired your taste in Christmas décor...There are so many beautiful arrangements and in my book they would all be winners if there was a contest to pick the best..
So I am going to leave it up to you. A few of you have posted some of your decorated corners and it gave me the idea to tag you to post your special corner or your special decoration. You may have more than one, so by all means share them all..Of course your entries will be put in the draws for one of the two $25.00 gift certificates from Cotton Charm Here are mine...
This is my favourite corner.. Every year I display the pictures of my four grand-daughters on their first Christmas and in the book there are the photos of my children's Christmases when they were little. I have this on the end of my sideboard in the dining area of my kitchen with a miniature Nativity set. It is often the topic of discussion and certainly makes us reminisce the Christmases past.

This one is also one of my favourite in the living room where the book on the Birth of the Messiah encourages me to read about the meaning of Christmas.

I collect ♥Nativity Sets♥ ( can you tell?) and this one, in my family room, carved in wood, is very special. When my daughter Liette was 8 years old, she had gone with her cousin to the big city, Halifax, shopping and this is the Christmas gift she had bought me. I will cherish it forever!

Notice the little kitty cat figurine on the side? Just like my Christmas tree that is decorated with unbreakables at the bottom, on every table that I have ornaments I made sure I put a piece which would attract little Émilie to play with. She learnt immediately which ones she was allowed to touch and does not even look at the others on the tables. After all Christmas is not about Grandmas saying NO do not touch! To see their little faces light up is worth more than a figurine or a Christmas ball!

So I can't wait to see your favorite corner/decorations and a brief explanation as to why it is so important to you. Post your pictures on your blogs and leave me a message here that you have done so...

It is a perfect opportunity to visit all our CG blogs and to leave them a wish for a Merry Christmas all the while getting to know one another better.

May the Christmas spirit be with you always......


  1. Oh Joan -- I love your special Christmas decorations, and the special meaning behind them. This is going to be fun! I'm off to charge my camera battery -- and I can't wait to see all the Charming Girls' posts on this tag!

  2. Nativity sets are a good collection. My favorite decoration is my nativity set...I am off to take a picture of it :)

  3. Everything looks so warm and inviting!

    I am off to take picture around my house. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I posted our nativity as well. It's the only one I have and I love it! There are a few other peeks at my decorations as well. There would be more but my camera batteries died. Enjoy...

  5. Funny, I posted about my decorations last week. Must have known we were going to share.


  6. My favorite Christmas decoration is also a manger. It was made by my father a couple of years before he died.


  7. Joan, the last 2 days have been crazy! And I feel like it's not going to stop until after Christmas!!! LOL! I have posted about some of my decorations...

  8. Merry Christmas! You can see mine here.