Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Charming Girls club

What has the CGQC club meant to me?

All my life I have enjoyed sharing my passions with people and embrace the opportunity to share my God given talents and to receive the same from friends. I am so amazed at how large my circle of friends has become since I have joined the Charming Girls Quilt Club. It has been an adventure "sans pareil" (beyond compare)! I look forward to continuing to connect with all of you in the New Year and delight in knowing that there is a support system out there who will fill my life with serenity, laughter, kindness, hope and friendship.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you our Charming Girl of the year... Michelle . I ask that you visit her blog and you will see why she is the recipient of this prestigious award. In her acceptance speech Michelle asked we join her in a toast to all the Charming girls and I toast to them for projects well done and over-the top support system. Thank you girls !

Now for the business at hand at the CGQC headquarters Marilyn (does not have a blog) has sent me this "eye candy" of her finished December projects.

Charming Girl Marilyn's December finished projects

Block #1
Block #2

And voilà, all done! Just gorgeous Marilyn! Thank-you for sharing.

It would not be fitting if I didn't acknowledge all the friends I have made outside the CGQC; from "blogland". Quilting has brought together so many wonderful girl friends and I really believe that it has become a quilt guild in itself. Sharing our ideas and craftsmanship has opened so may wonderful insights in my quilting. When you live in a small community the opportunity to learn new ideas in quilting can be limited but through "blogland" those limitations have been eliminated. The experience my sister and I had at a workshop at the other end of the Province with designer Karen Neary in the fall was indescribable and has opened a new adventure for a yearly get-together week-end for my sister and I. How true the world has become smaller and having all of you just a click away is very comforting.

As the New Year arrives may you find your hearts filled with new hopes and happy with love. May it opens up new horizons and bring you promises of brighter tomorrows. Have a great New Year 2010.


  1. Joan, I agree 100%! I love connecting with all the ladies in CGQC, and seeing such talented ladies shine! Thanks to you and Kelly for your generosity in hosting this group. Hope your 2010 is wonderful!

  2. Where are we supposed to post our December finishes?? Your blog or Kelly's? Which post?? I got lost this month.

  3. Wow! Marilyn did a beautiful job!

    Joan - I love what you wrote. I'm looking forward to the new year with everyone!


  4. Joan, you are so kind in your comments. It was truly a pleasure meeting you and Simone and I hope that can be repeated. I feel I have made a new quilting friend, and am learning much from you as well. Your blog provides a glimpse into a life lived with warmth, creativity,generosity and much kindness. It's a privilege for your readers to share in that. New Year Blessings to you and yours.

  5. I'm so excited to say I have some finishes this month...yay!!! Hoping this is the correct place to post them! I finished my Cobblestones quilt...see it here http://aquiltinglife.blogspot.com/2009/12/dresden-dilemma.html. I also finished my log cabin quilt shown here...http://aquiltinglife.blogspot.com/2009/12/december-to-dos.html and gave it to my Mom for Christmas!

    I also finished binding my two Cameos quilts...they are shown here: http://aquiltinglife.blogspot.com/2009/12/been-binding.html.

    I had some other finishes too...but these were the ones that were my Charming Girls goals!!! Happy New Year!

  6. Here are my December finishes- and I made all my goals! Yay!! Now to plan for January...

  7. Not sure were I should post this so I'm linking here and on another post.

    Got a few finishes to report for December. To recap:
    I pieced two backings (one for the Pumpkin Patch and another for It's a Jungle out there), Added sashing to one quilt (The Pumpkin Patch), bound two quilts (the RWB and The Pumpkin Patch), added a binding to a Wallhanging and added borders to the Mariner's Compass piece.

    Here are my Links: