Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rude awakening....

When I got up this morning the calender said " spring" 
so I took down the winter quilt and hung the spring one.  

A Karen Neary design " Meadow Song". Our 2010 workshop.
Next I changed the bench panel in the Hall from the snowman to the spring flowers.   

  This a four season piece I painted way back in 1991.
The runner I did with a charm pack in the Kansas Troubles. 

 In my quest to make the house feel like spring, I had a rude awakening when hubby left for his walk...  
Instead of buds on the Rhododendron  there was icicles.
Whew! another  storm... 
I ventured out and on the road to work and I was slipping and sliding.. At one point the car was moving sideways and I cannot explain the feeling I had as I realized I was looking at a fairly steep slope. At that point I am certain God took the wheel because I was useless. It did straighten out but in the wrong direction. That was my message...  GO BACK!!!

The guild members said good-bye to a wonderful member today.
Cerita passed away Monday surrounded by her loving family. She was not ill very long so it is a bit of a shock.  She was a very active member who loved to quilt and share her many quilting talents.
Cerita will be missed.  


  1. Meadow Song would look good at my house. I like!

  2. Oh thank goodness you were not hurt! How terribly scary that must have been. (God was really looking after you.) Sorry to hear of your friends passing. Although it was a bit of a shock - I'm glad she didn't suffer.

  3. Condolences to you!! What a lovely picture of her, doing what she probably loved best!!

  4. Waoo!!!
    Very fantastic and great work you have shared.It,s amazing.