Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sunday night finishes......

and the Relay for Life

I finished the second table runner from the
Laundry Basket Pattern  " Garden Trio". 
It is one of those pieces I would call "cute".  

I am working on t-shirts for my daughter 's friend's Relay team 

                         A new survivor of Breast Cancer

This one is for you,... Kathleen
embroidered in gold ..
 and since I have 11 t-shirts to embroider I decided to

start the free-motion quilting on this piece that has been sitting in my UFO basket.

Victoria Day holiday was a bit gloomy with the pouring rain 
but it was a perfect day to have all the kids over for lunch and enjoy pictures from the past. When Gerald's mom passed away his sister, Lucille gathered all the pictures from her mom's album and made a beautiful album of memories. This album is being passed on to all the siblings to enjoy and educate their families about their heritage .. all 14 of them
(Gerald comes from a family of 15 children)

 In the  picture Gerald reminisces with our children and grand-children  They were in awe at the beautiful memories their dad shared with them.

Some of the memories 
 From the time Gerald's mom was a little girl
 Our children's handsome paternal grand father .. an OR Assistant in the army
 The bride and groom
The centre cutie is Gerald  
 The whole family... when the last child, the 15th was born...
10 Girls and 5 boys
Memories bring out sad stories too... Adrienne was 15 when she was killed along with her best friend  (1976) walking home with two other friends. They were hit by a car.
Our son was born the following year and has her name .. Adrien

Mrs Tufts was an extraordinary women who dedicated a lot of time and energy to keeping  the Acadian culture alive in our community. 
This is the first book she wrote   
"Acadienne de Clare". Features many women and their contributions to our Acadian communities.

Her next book dedicated to all her grand-children is a  
 coloring book about the Acadian culture. 
In this photo on  the day it was launched are all the grand-kids.
Left to right... Adrien sitting,Yvelle and Liette standing and many cousins .

 Beautiful couple

 This picture was taken about three hours before he passed away at his daughter's wedding in 1981 at the  age of 63 on Gerald's 36th birthday .

Edith continued her work in the schools where she would teach the kids about the Acadian culture and she was rewarded with many honors for doing this work. 

First an honorary doctorate at University St Anne .... followed by
the  Order of Canada .

December 20/2010 after a wonderful evening to celebrate Christmas our beloved mother, grand-mother and mother-in-law passed away quietly at home. 

This is the family today
5 boys and 9 girls
Needless to say the yearly family reunion is a big gathering with 35 grand-kids and 16 great grand-kids.
Each year it it a different family who sponsors it and this year it is our turn... plans are underway for July and events will take place at our house and  the kids houses throughout the week-end ♥


  1. I always enjoy your family history stories and find a learn a little more about the Acadian heritage each time. We don't spend nearly enough time learning about this part of Canadian history in school.

  2. Oh my word, Joan - how awesome! I even enlarged your "this is the family today" photo to admire everyone. What a fantastic event it must be! Is there lots of cooking to be done prior to the BIG day? I have always admired you and continue to do so. You're a special, special person!

  3. I enjoyed this family history story very much...God bless you all.