Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An honor... my March goals and the winners

Before I go to my March goals I have to share something so special it leaves me speechless and that has amazed everyone in my family... "Me Speechless". Ever since Kelly has announced to me she was going to start her I have been so excited. I know everyone who has connected with Kelly will agree she does lovely work. To want to share that talent with others is an amazing gift. A gift that keeps on giving. But the gift of receiving a quilt named in your honor is absolutely the ultimate gift for a quilter.
That is what my friend Kelly has done! She has named this quilt.....
Acadienne (even spelled in french and it is even made in the Acadian colors.) in my honor and I cannot begin to tell you the emotions that overwhelmed me when I saw it for the first time! No words will ever express my gratitude!( I was just so darn happy just to know and be friends with a quilt Designer...that was an honor in itself!)

Thank you Kelly soooo much! The most precious honor is to have come to know you and call you "Mon Amie"! Good luck in your enterprise. I have no doubt you will be successful!

Now my March goals...........I hope to finish my "Stone Cottage". I have indicated before on another post I do one block a day so by my calculations I should have the top all done by the end of March! I am making this quilt in "In The Pink Two" By Buggy Barn.
Next I will do my BOM
in the Kansas Winter....

Now this will be the ultimate challenge for March! Quite a while ago I decided I had too many fabric remnants on my hands; but how does anyone throw away fabric, no matter how small the pieces are? So I found this pattern.....

A quilt sampler by Lori Smith....That will surely take care of a lot of fabric pieces....

I got about half way with this quilt and made the decision to put the blocks away (not to be forgotten) so I just brought them out this month. I am going to put them together and do a few projects .. Not sure what, yet !
Next I am going to machine quilt these projects.....Miss Émilie's quilt, a table runner, a table topper and a wall hanging! I am on vacation and Hubby is going away to watch the 2010 Brier (Curling) in Halifax, so the sewing machine and I will have an inseparable relationship for a few days!

Next I am going to bind my ....
Heritage Square, hand quilted by Agnes.........
I will probably do my binding as I Skype with Kelly..

And now the winners of the CG&GQC for the month of February ...lots of entries Everyone is a winner because the projects that were made this month are absolutely gorgeous! The first winner ( sorry the photo did not come out too clear)
Second winner... Rene
Congratulations Michelle and Rene! Connect with Kelly for your $25.00 Gift certificate to shop at the

It was my pleasure to co-host the CG&GQC and to be connected to all of you this past month and I thank everyone for all your support. You are the best club members there is!♥♥♥
So everyone post your March goals and let Kelly know ... and lets conitnue to support one another in a hobby we are all passionate about. It may not be an Olympic sport but everyone is taking ♥ ♥♥gold♥♥♥ this month in my book!


  1. beautiful pattern named after you.
    congratulations on your finishes.

  2. WOW, lots of beautiful work going on at your place!
    Congratulations on having a quilt named in your honor, it's wonderful! ♥

  3. When I read Kelly's post about YOUR quilt, I was besides myself. I was excited about Kelly doing the quilt (because I want to make it) & then I got even more excited when she said she named it for you. Very sweet! And in that moment, I'm sitting here thinking 'I am friends with these wonderful ladies!' Life is good!

  4. First of all, congrats to both Rene and Michelle. Thank you, Joan, for hosting February, you've been a delightful hostess.

    The goals...oh those goals...those are ALOT of goals. Good luck.

    Heritage House is so beautiful. I truly do love it.

    Kelly has blessed you wth such a lovely quilt. What a sweetheart Kelly is.

  5. Oh, Joan - you never cease to inspire us with your beautiful creations - I can't wait to see the new "scrap" quilt -- and of course to Skype with you! Big Congrats to Michelle & Rene. Last but not least, Miss Joan - the honor is mine - to have found such a wonderful friend!!!!

  6. "Acadienne" is gorgeous and aptly named and dedicated. Good friends should be honored as Kelly has honored you. I'm anxious for Kelly to start releasing her beautiful patterns.

    A busy March for you with lots of inspiring projects. Have fun.

  7. Aren't you a lucky lady? Kelly has truly honoured you and your special part of Canada. A beautiful quilt for a beautiful lady!
    And those goals- Wow! Good luck to you. I have that sampler pattern as well that I keep pulling out periodically...

  8. What a great post Joan! Congrat's on Acadienne~ I love the name Kelly chose and the quilt is wonderful; just like you! :-) I love your projects for this month~ can't wait to see your scrappy new quilt. And congratulations to Michelle & Rene! Happy stitching! :)

  9. Congratulations Joan! What an honor! And congrats to the winners too. ☺
    Wow, you have alot of goals this month, you sew girl!! I LOVE Heritage house-that is GORGEOUS!

  10. What an honor it is to have such a beautiful quilt named after you. The quilt is so wonderful. You have been blessed with a wonderful friend :)

    All your projects look wonderful, but I can not wait to see your cottage stone quilt finished. I just love it.

    Thanks for hosting for the month of feb, and congrats to Michelle :)

  11. The Heritage House quilt is one I would like to see finished. And love the log cabin quilt in your header photo.

    I saw on Kelly's blog that she had named a quilt in your honor. I think she values your friendship very much.

  12. Isn't Acadienne awesome? You're lucky to have such a special friendship. Can't wait to see all your finished projects at the end of the month!

  13. Isn't that a special thing to do, to name a quilt for you! I was so pleased to see that, Joan. It's a beautiful quilt, named for a beautiful lady.

    I don't know how you gals get done all you do - I just sit here in amazement. Your Heritage House is stunning. Congrats to the winners this month!

  14. What a wonderful quilt...dedicated to a wonderful person. Great goals for this month...cheering you on! Congrats to Canada for the hockey win...that was a GREAT game!

  15. You have set some hefty goals for yourself. Enjoy the journey because they are all fantastic starts or near finishes.

  16. Congrats Winners!! Sorry, I haven't posted my Feb. finishes or my March goals. I've on vacation. I'll be back soon and will get on the housekeeping.

  17. I'm hoping we still post here for our March goals...mine are up on my blog - monicam-daybyday.blogspot.com

  18. Wow-such fun projects and so inspiring!
    I did finish my January project! You all have helped me finish two quilts. I am sure you can appreciate what a big deal this is. Thank you!!!

  19. Acadienne is so fitting too because it really is a feminine pattern, I know Americans are use to thinking in Red, White and Blue but this is beautiful, new and fresh.

    It reminds me of the clean, crisp air of fall in N.S.!!!