Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
Expo-Couverte Quilt Show

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall 2010 Bloggers Quilt Festival is here....

This is so exciting .. I love to visit Quilt Blogs and be inspired by all the remarkable talents there is out there in blog land. Thanks Amy for doing this.

This is my absolute favourite.....

Birdhwoodlane House.. in the Birchwood Lane fabric by ♥Holly Taylor♥...I made this quilt last year and have not stopped admiring it since it is finished.

  • I love everything about this quilt...
  • The fact that it is Christmas (My favourite time of the year ) fabric..and the colors are gorgeous.
  • My favourite quilt pattern of all, is the Log Cabin. The combination of the house and the log cabin blocks makes it the best(est) :) of all the projects I have made.
  • I enjoyed making it because I love strip piecing and the appliqué was a delight to do.
  • The embroidery was a bit intimidating but I was excited to add this to the project, a totally new technique for me.

This quilt will be hanging on the wall opposite my Christmas tree ...

Now I am off to blog hop... and admire those beautiful projects of those taking part in the Bloggers Quilt Festival......

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall is really in the air....

The weather has cooled and the fire is on in the fireplace... giving a cozy atmosphere, a desire to
hand quilt.. and the Christmas spirit comes to life in The Christmas books which are out and many projects are planned...

The first one
from this book ....
"Wrapped Up in Ribbons" Table runner.
This is the project I worked on while my sister, Simone, was visiting this past week.. what a fun week....

Update on theThere are still some who have not contacted me with their mailing address so I have e-mailed them and asked they do so before the end if next week. I would like to have everyone paired by November 1st...making this the deadline for partnering . If I did not hear from the ones missing I will assume they have declined to take part..

Hope everyone is enjoying working on their Secret Santa project..Please honor your swap and have your projects in the mail to your Secret Santa December 1st... I look forward to seeing all those gorgeous projects... Remember to post them on your blog and connect your blog on Mr Linky on Kelly's blog and on "Flicker" on Pam's blog

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Secret Santa

First I want to say how grateful I am for all your patience with me in getting this Swap organized. It has been a challenge to say the least but as I told Kelly this is what keeps the brain in motion!!!! 
 I need to ask those of you to PLEASE send me your mailing addresses. If you are not certain that you have sent it to me send it anyway. I know there is another swap happening "Secret Santa Sister" and those who are registered to both may have thought they sent me their addresses when in fact they send it to the other swap...

#2 request...  Would all of you send me an e-mail with the name of  your Secret partner.. ( for my records so I can double check to be certain everyone was assigned one.  

A few of you had not sent me your e-mail so I had no way of connecting with you and therefore assigned all the participants to a partner. I will keep your name in case there is one who needs to back out ( as this has happened already)

Now for the details of your finished projects...( You can make your project as you so desire... the fabric you wish , the pattern you wish and the size you wish... 

When you have your projects all done... post pictures of it on your blog without revealing who the gift goes to  and go to Kelly's blog where she will have Mr Linky set up for you to log on and direct us to your blog. Thank you Kelly

Also Pam has graciously volunteered to take the responsibility of setting up  "Flicker" so you can post your projects there too.
This is the perfect opportunity for those of you who have no blog.
Thank you Pam
(Again thank you so much for all your patience)

And now for the Meadow Song workshop....by Karen Neary

What a fun event...

Met some beautiful people and learnt a lot of new tricks... from Karen
here is Karen hard at  work....sharing her knowledge with us...

My sister Simone... we enjoy quilting together..   



And behind us you see the finished project ( Meadow Song) designed and made by Karen...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Secret Santa Update


and what a challenge it is!
I hope everyone who has submitted their e-mail has a partner. By the looks of my Inbox and Sent box I would say YES!
Now the challenge is to get everyone to e-mail me their mailing address. I have received e-mails wanting to know the address of their partner but as I mentioned in the first e-mail I sent everyone; I will e-mail the address as soon as I receive it.

Those whom I did not receive an e-mail address, I can only hold your name until others acknowledge they are still wanting to participate because as far as my records indicate everyone has been paired with a Secret Santa.!
......Please forgive any glitches... it was four intense days and.... four nights of just putting the names to the right  blogs so everyone could connect to their partner! 

Now for some excitement.... This is the week-end I am off to sew with designer Karen Neary in Amherst at the Fibre Festival! And  the Meadow Song Workshop...( She has beautiful eye candy of the opening event!) 

My case is all packed

And so is my sewing machine!
Road trip early tomorrow with two friends and my sister Simone...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Still missing

For everyone to have a partner for the 
 I need to be able to connect with the  participants via e-mail  I am still missing the following addresses..  
  1.  http://magirite.blogspot.com/    
  2.   Charming Girl.......DORETHY  
  3. http://grandmarockton.blogspot.com/ 
  4.  http://memyselfandirrs.blogspot.com/
  5. http://www.dewquilting.blogspot.com/
  6. TRISH 
  7. BONITA  
 Some of you who did e-mail me may be on this list but because either your name is not listed on the post or your blog is not in the e-mail you sent me, I have no idea who you are. Again I do hope to hear from you tomorrow( no later than Sunday evening) so I can get the "many" Secret Santas paired up and we can get started with the fun!

The names of your partners will be e-mailed to you in the next few days and as soon as you receive the e-mail please reply to it with your snail mail address.This is very important so I can e-mail your address to your Secret Santa. 

Registration is now closed for the
Have fun and enjoy making that special gift for your new friend...
It is sooo wonderful to see  all the "registrants" . I can't wait to see your extraordinary talents put to work.   

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lots Happening...

It's back.....it's wonderful, it's fun and it's a different pre-cut ..... this time it's the....
at Moose on the Porch Quilts

starting November 2nd and every other Tuesday until May 3rd 2011

I have decided I will make my quilt in the.... which is the October selection for the Layer Cake club at Fat Quarters Shop

Now for the
#4 block....

and I made this table topper last evening for my "little" sister for her Thanksgiving table! She is not a quilter but loves the quilt projects my other sister, Simone, and I make"The Deveau Sisters"
Dianne's wedding 1992

(Always grateful for my two sisters.....)

Next on my agenda is to cut and pack for my workshop in Amherst by Karen Neary

The project is Karen's design, Meadow Song" that was in the Quilter's Connection Spring Issue 2010and I decided to use "In the Pink 11" by Buggy Barn for Henry Glass.

Kelly and I are really excited for the abundance of responses to the...

Just a few pointers to clarify;

#1 No it is not only open to the Charming Girls Quilt club... with so many asking to join the Secret Santa Swap even though they have no blog; Kelly and I felt it is Christmas, after all, and we will help these people connect and display their beautiful projects.

So, yes! everyone is in:)

#2 I need to be able to connect with you via e-mail and there are quite a few of you who have registered but do not have your e-mail address on your blog. I need this by the 10th of October at which time I will be collecting all the names and draw for the partners. (I have notified all of you individually by leaving a message on your last post of your blog about this! ) Your e-mail is what connects you to your Secret Santa so without it there is no way of connecting therefore if I do not receive your e-mail address I will assume you decided not to participate.

#3 I have visited most of the participants blogs and I would encourage you to put the Secret Santa badge on your sideboard so that it makes it official and visible to those who visit, that you are in the swap.

#4 I put the link to the previous post where you can register for the Secret Santa Swap behind the badge on the side board.

So that 's it from me for now but if you have any questions e-mail me...Next time I connect with you I will have the name of your partner to whom you will be the Secret Santa..FUN!