Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
Expo-Couverte Quilt Show

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Another successful event.

The 2015 Christmas tea 

 event is passé and I am happy to report is was a success again this year. It is such a pleasure to see everyone come together to make the event the success that is has been all the five years we have been doing it. The warm and friendly atmosphere makes the members of the community come back year after year. 
 Merci is a small word to express the gratitude I have for all the hours the members put  in, in planning this and preparing the decorations, the food, the lotteries and the sewing of projects to be sold in our store.
Sewing on these projects is fun as we all get to cheer each other on.

Member Paulette  
initiated the project ..  Owl Potholders 
Here is member Charmène working away at the "Owls" 
Member Dorothy adding the finishing touches and 
member Clara analyzing her last stitches... 
Thank You to everyone!

As I mentioned November is a busy month for everyone and in the family we have the birthday of our oldest daughter 

and I was able to complete her quilt   
 Under the Stars by Rabbit Factory 
 I machine quilted it with a primitive design  
and the snowmen I made with wool appliqué. 
Yvelle loved her little quilt and I enjoyed making it. 

TA ta for now... One day at A Time! 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November brings on preparations

The Guild is in full preparation mode.
Members are busy with their Christmas projects and member Lorna has become the Elf who oversees these preparations with the Wednesday Labs. The November project is this beautiful   
 Crazy Quilting Christmas stocking. ..This one is Lorna's sample 
 So beautiful with the Victorian style  
...the lace, the braid and the decorative stitching in gold . So beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing all the ones that will come out of the workshop.

And the Guild has more preparations: 
The annual Christmas Tea, 
  on November 15th and these preparation are in full mode. 
The baskets are filling up for our "Baking Supplies" Lottery
Each member is asked to bring an article of baking they choose from a  huge grocery list . 
The lucky winner will have everything  needed for the Christmas baking . 
(Last year my sister Simone won it and believe me it was put to good use as she loves to bake) 
My duty is the provide the door prize so this year I made 
...this little Christmas cushion.

Like the poster indicates it is a fun day and we look forward to serving you while chatting about quilting. 

 Since 2011 the spirit of quitting has been alive in our little corner of Nova Scotia. This was the mandate, I aimed for when I asked if anyone was interested in joining me to quilt. It feels so good to be able to share with others the fun of quilting and to belong to an association which promotes this. La Guilde Acadienne de Clare with its one hundred members has become a big family of quilters . Here in Canada we can expand our family on a National level  by joining the         
I am very excited to inform my fellow Provincial quilters that I have accepted to become the Nova Scotia  representative of the CQA .
.. and its goal is to keep the quilting alive, which has been my goal since 2011.  
Happy Quilting !

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Summer has come and gone .. School is back on and the Guild members have been busy  getting things going for the next seasons. 

Last year we had gone into the elementary school in Meteghan and brought some squares for the students to hand sew.  

Here are photos of the kids sewing their blocks 

Members of the guild having a Quilting Bee, hand quilting the quilt. 
 here is the finished project
This quilt was made by the students of Stella Maris School Grades 4. 5 and 6. Assembled by members Charmène  and Paulette. Hand  quilted by the dedicated members of La Guilde Acadienne de Clare.Thank you to the members who came to the school once a week to teach the students and pass on the art of quilting to our young generation and future quilters. 
A fun and rewarding adventure !

As for me, I apologize to all of you, my followers  for being so  lapse in keeping my blog  up to date. On August 27th our family was faced with the worst declaration regarding  my husband's health, one can have . He was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. It is inoperable because it is in the right middle and lower main stem bronchi involving the trachea .We are presently in Halifax for 10 treatments of radiation which will be followed by aggressive chemo therapy. This is not at all what one predicts will happen in their family. It is not a nightmare because a nightmare you can wake up from it....  this beast  does not go away ... 
 Enjoy every moment to the fullest  . 
One day at a Time! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer fun..

This is how I used to spend my summers
 My adventurous years... 

 I revve this machine .. no wind in my face and no bugs in my eyes... 

We just celebrated a full week of Acadian Pride in Clare and what a full week it was.
The University St Anne was buzzing with its alumni members as it celebrated its 125 anniversary .

We just returned from a week of relaxing in the beautiful province of PEI. 
This was the view we woke up to every morning from our cottage deck.. Pure serenity...

Two of our grand-daughters (Yvelle's daughters) had the opportunity to go to France with La Baie en Joie to dance for the Acadian festival there ..

Laurène is the fourth one on the left and  Ariane is the second to the last one you see on the right .The 7th in the picture 
What an honor!  

Next event on our calendar
August 23rd 1969 

And this handsome couple ... my son and his wife Monique announced they were having a second baby 
 a brother or sister to 

I am thinking it will be a bit of a challenge to share his "grand-papa" with the new sibling. 
Here they are sharing a story about boating on the lake at the cottage( not something Miguel is too fond of)  

and so the summer is rolling right along... I have enjoyed it so far being retired and all... 
Sewing continues. Tomorrow I am off to Par-en-Bas at the Patchworks Pals guild to teach a paper piecing workshop. 

Accompanying me are two of our guild members 
Clara and Christina . Fun fun..day looking forward to seeing everyone from Par-en-Bas.
The guild will resume its sewing session on September 2nd... 
lots on the to-do agenda.

Monday, August 3, 2015

and the show continues

here on my blog but closed for another year at 4:00 pm Friday after a very successful week!, .. 
Elaine Melanson's twin quilts 
 And purple takes the show with this Twin 
 Bright and turquoise would brighten any room with this twin 
 And Frozen was at the show

 This next one is very special... My sister-in-law, Melina, made it with her late husband's work shirts 
 Gilles Boudreau passed away at the young age of 49 of a brain tumor. He was a Shepard and his favorite shirts now comforts his family members. 

Can't have a show without John ...
 John Deere that is  
 Some of the many articles for sale at the Guild's store 
 This beauty by member Lennie 
 All of these are from Shanna of Komet Quilting 
 A mini by member Denise .. absolutely gorgeous
And we had to have non-other than  
 All these lap quilts are so inviting.... with a good book 
 member Marilyn and her dog tell a story 
 Appliqué some more by member Elise 
 The church is full and our visitors loved them all... 
These last two were my entries.. Spring Garden Bouquet and Family tree by Laundry Basket 

The show is all over for another year and I want to thank everyone who helped put on a fantastic display of works of art.. 

Thank you to the many guild members who volunteered many hours to set up, to greet the visitors and the close the show. 
A very special Merci! to members Denise and Simone for all the work they do with the Guild's shop... Our many hours of preparing projects for the sale paid off  and gratitude is extended to the members who helped run the shop all week 
And last but not least... Merci/ Thank you to the many friends who brought their wonderful quilts to the show to be displayed. without you there would be NO show!  

Now I would like to clarify something that was brought forth by quite a few visitors... 
"Why do we do not have a juried show"? 

I have always enjoyed making quilts and have no intentions of entering in any competition. I carry this sentiment into the Expo-Quilt Show at Sacré-Coeur church. All the quilts that were displayed in that  church all week deserve a ribbon of the highest standard. Everyone has a unique taste when it comes to quilts and that is what makes an interesting show and a very special work of art. Every quilt is special and will only be judged by the people who made them. The colors and patterns may not be to everyone's taste but the craftsmanship is unique to the individual and I saw nothing but perfectionism in all the quilts there this week.   

The show was very successful with an attendance of about 
200 or more visitors per day.  
   Thank you for coming to support us.
God Bless ♥