Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
Expo-Couverte Quilt Show

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Excitement is in the Air...

The guild members are all excited...
Mrs P's from Amherst Nova Scotia is coming to town...
Yes that is right. Check out her blog...


She has her cute little trunks all packed for the Trunk show at the Guild on May 11.  Check out the eye candy! On ma ma ! I am drooling already. I am sure there will be lots of these,
I will have photos to show you!

On Saturday we had a Sewing Machine Savvy workshop

 Diane from Knit and Stitch,  representative for the Guild's Janome Sewing Machines is a super teacher.
The members were thought everything about the machines. It is so nice to be informed as to what exactly they can do.
 Diane and Wayne make certain we know what every button on the machines are for. So many times I have been frustrated with a machine because I could not use it to its full potential as I did not understand how it worked. After the workshop Saturday we all felt confident we could pass on our knowledge to the new sewers especially the Junior sewers.  

At the end of the day  
we did a mug mat using all the skills we learnt! 

Oh Ma Ma Look who is One already!
We celebrated his first birthday Sunday! And no no; he does not like cake... I was so excited because he could get into his birthday cake but surprise grand-maman ... he did not want to see it after he had a little taste . Oh, well mama and papa are glad because they prefer he not have any sugar except the natural kind.  
Where did the last year go?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Not one but two....

Lily Aprons done.... My sister is  coming home this week-end so I had to get  the pansy fabric out and make her gift...  
here is the back... I love the  big bow 

 and the front... I am thinking the fabric is perfect for this time of the year . The pansies should be in bloom very soon
 My second daughter Liette, collects birdhouses and

so this project found a home very quickly.

 The guild has reached the magic count of 100 members. I really hate to put a cap on the registration number but it is a must in order to keep the momentum of what our goals are all about. We will have a waiting list and so as soon as there is a member who wishes to bow out we will fill in the empty space.  I can tell you in only two years it has exceeded all expectations. 
   The Juniors are really enjoying sewing and the challenges of learning, It is a true Intergenerational Program. 

  Have a good week!  Happy sewing ! 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

What has been Happening?

There is not enough room on one post  to write about everything that has been happening. Some good things and some not so good things. But in the end prayers were answered and the outcome was great.
My 93 year (young) mom was hospitalized but has returned home and she is doing well!

I was finally able to attend the Bernina embroidery club. It is a two hour drive and this winter there was always bad weather on the days it was being held.
I really enjoyed the project this month. 
"Vintage Cut Work". 
Of course my friend Elaine and I cannot go to the Valley without checking things out at Avonport Fabric Centre and  

 oh! yes, some fabric had my name on it ! or rather had my sister's name on it. In an earlier post I shared how she loves aprons, well this fabric is just perfect for aprons. I saw the pattern on my friend, Cindy' post a while back and I ordered it..
 Lily Apron

And the back...

But ....
it will be a surprise for my sis when we get to visit.  

 I also have been working on a Mystery Quilt in the guild
where we have to make a quilt using a 
and at our 3rd anniversary party we will unveil our quilts. I won't be able to post too much about this quilt because it is to be a secret from all the members until the Quilt parade in April next year. I know some of the members check my blog so it would be telling if I post about it!  I guess the bottom line is it is a secret for all my blog supporters as well.  

Speaking of anniversary..

today we celebrated our 2nd anniversary.  Already two years and 97 members! Amazing!!!!
You can check out the event on Face book