Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Around The World Blog Tour

I was asked by Darlene from

  to participate in the Around The World Blog Hop. I am from a

 little french Acadian village in Saulnierville Nova Scotia Canada

 and I was very happy to accept the invitation because it was a 

good way to get me back to blogging. 

Whew! I am a real delinquent 

when it comes to keeping my blog active. 

Lots have happened. I have had surgery on my knee and it 

was very successful but I was told I need a knee

 replacement after all. There is a waiting list for  that surgery

 here in Nova Scotia and the waiting period is about two 

years ): 

   A more peasant subject, sewing,  which is what I will be 

doing as I  retire officially Dec 31.  I 

have been off on sick leave for my surgery and so I will

 only return to clean out  my office. 

1. What am I currently working on ? 

My BOM; Words To Live By ..  
I just finished the 14th block  
the end is near, I will be putting the blocks and the borders on in the new year. 

This is another project I am working on 
Family Tree 
This one is my last quilt block. I have 4 corner blocks to do and the border. This is machine appliqué and I am going to machine quilt it myself!

In-between these projects I am doing the hexies. 
My basket is ready for anywhere I go. When I came from the hospital I could not use my right leg freely making it impossible to machine sew.    
These were perfect while propped up on a pillow 
and I got all these  done ready for 
This quilt by Edyta Sitar, Laundry Basket 

And Christmas is soon here. I am afraid I did not get to make all the gifts I wanted to, again because of the surgery scheduled unexpectedly.

Here is a decorative cushion I am working on   
hoping to get it done and wrapped for next week. 
This one is already and will be wrapped tomorrow. 

Since I could not use the foot pedal 
I made some book marks on the embroidery machine to put in my Christmas cards. 

2. How does my work differ from others?

I don't think my work differs from my fellow quilters except for the

 fact that  I am very fond of BOM's. Even when I buy kits I 

schedule to do them one block a month.

 3. Why do I create?

I was telling hubby just this week while 

sharing Christmas memories that I was never fond of playing with

 dolls. For Christmas I always wanted something I could create

 something with. Kits were my favorite gifts.

Jewelry, paper dolls, puzzles, science kits, knitting 

 and oh yes sewing kits. 

 4. How do I create?

I usually am inspired by the fabric first. For some reason the

 fabric will tell me in what project it should be used in and therefore

 what I should make. I have favorite designers I like to 

follow. I have only designed my own pattern a few times and

 when I did it was sew as you go. 

This is the quilt I just finished that I designed with inspirations from 

the Baltimore Beauties. I call it the Blue Rose. This came about

 when we were struck severely by hurricane "Arthur" in June and

 the power was off for three days. What do you do when you

 cannot use your sewing machine? You hand sew! I started 

by appliqueing pieces together for the center and it ended up a


 So that is it from me...        
Thank you Darlene for inviting me to participate in this. 
I want to wish you all, a very Merry Christmas,
 a Happy New Year 

to you and your families. To my followers I will try to put in a stronger effort to blog more often in the  new year! 


Sunday, November 9, 2014

A blessed celebration

The day was perfect with the Holy Spirit as the special guest.

My husband was ordained at a beautiful ceremony at the 
"Sacré-Coeur " church in Saulnierville NS  with about 300 people in attendance

 Gerald Tufts

 Ordained by Arch-Bishop Most  Rev. Anthony Mancini
Gerald receives the sacrament 
 Most Rev gives him his Ministry... 
"Work with families "!

The new Deacon celebrates the mass, 

and thanks everyone for all their contributions to his spiritual journey.  

Meet the coordinator of our church 
Jean- Louis Robichaud 

His message was sooo touching. While working on the parish archives he found a letter Gerald's ( late ) mom had written in 1958, in it she is thanking a priest who had moved to another parish, for his services. 
She wrote, she had been praying for one of her young sons to choose the sacerdotal. 
Those payers were answered today, Nov 8 2014 
" Never loose faith  when asking for something" .
 The whole family was certain her presence was felt in the church on this special day! 

My sister, Simone,  made him a special quilt.  

The "Faith Quilt" by Anita Goodesign! 
It is absolutely beautiful and it will be treasured forever♥ 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Special event...

I was tempted to title this post "Busy Month" but in all honesty which month is not busy ??? 

This week-end is a very special event for our family. 
DH Gerald
 will be ordained
in our church
 Sacré-Coeur Saulnierville NS. 
For the last 5 years we have had  a wonderful journey preparing for this day and on  Saturday Nov 8, he will answer to the calling of the Holy spirit as Arch-Bishop Mancini  ordains  him as a deacon for the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth.

Please keep him in your prayers .

As for the guild.... lots happening. We are getting ready for the Christmas Tea 
(Check out Karen Neary's blog... so well said!}

we had a sewing retreat to sew for the guild's boutique.
 Every corner of the hall was occupied. 
 and the projects being made were gorgeous. 
 a true sense of solidarity.....
 People working together and forming lasting friendships. 
 The laughter and the sharing of ideas ... so precious. 
and even if it is only November the spirit of Christmas was launched at La Guilde Acadienne de Clare on this sewing retreat.  
For our meal together we enjoyed an Acadian supper of 
 "Rappie Pie" ! 

Busy times....  yes!..............
as I prepare to close a chapter in my career. It is official I will be retiring on December 31st. I have started the process of cleaning out my office as I am passing on the "baton" to a colleague. 
That too was a wonderful journey. 
46 years working in the health care system, caring for others had its many rewards.   

I have been sewing everyday mostly Christmas gifts which I do not have "eye candy" for fear someone will figure out their gift. I will review my stash and hopefully will be able to post pictures  later. 

Stay well!     

Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Morning Breakfast ....

doesn't get better than this. 
As mentioned in previous posts Sunny and I met through our blogs way back in 2010. Sunny is a wonderful follower and I have enjoyed connecting with her through blogland but never dreamed we would one day actually meet. Her and her DH are touring Nova Scotia and we met for breakfast in Yarmouth. I wish we could have spent more time together but because of a medical appointment I had to leave early.     

And now to an update on my sewing.... DG-D Amy's quilt is all done 
 I called it "Circle Lane". It is finished just in time because she is moving to her new house this week.

The Guild is starting the preparations for our Christmas tea and sale of our crafts so I am making a few 
 tea Towels with a Christmas theme.

I am still working on my blue hand appliqué quilt. 
 This block is work in progress. 
This one is all done "Circle Flower" .

So no Monday Blues here... had a great day. 
Safe travels towards home Sunny and Hubby .
Hope to see you again!  

Sunday, October 5, 2014

One more sleep!

Oh I am so excited I just talked to Sunny and they are in Yarmouth about a 45 minute drive from here so I am going to meet them for breakfast tomorrow. I think they saw the whole province !  

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September All Gone

and where did it go? 
The weather is warmer than most evenings in the summer and the winter clothes are on hold.
The guild is back up and running and the membership is still capped at 100.
We had our first week-end sewing retreat. Friday evening and all day Saturday sewing a  
Beatle Bag  pattern by "Abby Lane" http://www.abbeylanequilts.com/beatlebag.html 

 with teacher... my sister Simone Cooper who did a fantastic job
Here is 
 the inside of my bag all done .. and the outside  
All ready for to be "on the go" with the tools and gadgets for all my projects. 
Here is the gang who 
                           were at the sewing retreat.. ready to open                                          that pattern and get going on a fun project .

My birthday happened to be on that Saturday and here is the gift from my Sister Simone  

I love it!  Perfect on my table,

There is excitement in Nova Scotia because "Sunny"  from: http://sunnyquiltingdreams.blogspot.ca/ a blogger friend, is 
visiting this beautiful province of ours....  and I am planning on meeting her in Digby sometimes this week-end! 
I bet you we will both blog about it! 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Oh my!

I am really on the late train this time! Here the summer is pretty well over with and I just connected again into blog-land! 
I met one of my followers while on vacation and she warned me she was going to seek the blog-land police to have them find me among the missing. 
This one is for you Pam! 

So what has been happening...  lots! 
The big event of the season of course was our quilt show here at the Saulnierville Church. It is a project of the Saulnierville Parish and our Guilde Acadienne de Clare puts it on. It was a great success. I was so happy to meet so many of you at the show who follow my blog and I really apologize for not keeping it updated with my goings on. I can't promise I will do better but I do hope to be more active on it.    

Here is  the panoramic view of the quilt show at our beautiful church  
 And we begin the parade with the quilt I made and donated to the Parish for the lottery 2014 . 
 "Pinwheels in my Garden" by Kansas Troubles 
and it was actually won by my sister-in-law Melina Boudreau. 
 This picture does not do the quilt justice. It was absolutely gorgeous, and the hand quitting exquisite by Joan Gidney ! 
 The array of colors in the church was breath taking 
 The Labyrinth made by my sister Simone Cooper and again the hand quilting left you speechless.
 This one made by Sally Goodwin and so stunning it deserved 
a place on the alter.

 The appliqué ♥♥♥

 and the hand quilting  ♥♥♥

 I tried to capture the hand quitting on this one, made by
 Louise Vincelli who still hand quilts her quilts even at a young age of 80++  
 Here is another of hers in full view on the alter. 
This next one you will remember I posted it 

 My Spring Bouquet and now the happy owner is daughter Liette. 
The first one was my mystery quilt and the center beauty
 is one by Darlene d"Eon, the third was so cute with the sheep. 
And this one  by Joan Gidney was my absolutely favorite... appliqué 
The hand quilting Wow! 
 More eye candy 
 and lots more to see 
 Even my two year old grand-son Miguel was enchanted by all the works of art. Here with his Tantie Elaine. 

As for my sewing projects the machines are going steadily and I have quite a few projects on the go. 

I just completed a quilt for my Grand-daughter Amy which is at the quilters now so I will post the pictures when it comes back. These are the pillow cases and the cushion which goes with it.
I am still working on 
   the "Family Tree" quilt by Laundry Basket Quilts and 
this project is probably the one associated with the most adventures.  
It is an all hand appliqué which I am making as I go. It all started because of Hurricane Arthur. We were without electricity for two days and even with the generator I was not comfortable sewing on my machines so I decided to take up a hand sewing project. The center was done during the hurricane and then I decided it would be  a perfect project to take along on my vacation. 
Appliqueing in the car ! Perfect!
 I have no idea what the finished project will be like but I continue to add on as I picture what it should look like. 

I just started the Bertie's Year, a wool project. 
Here is my first block 
  This is not quite finished I was missing the white Valdani thread to do the snowflakes for the month of January. It just arrived  from http://www.primitivegatherings.us/shop/ so I will be able to finish it. I think I am going to leave these in my UFO basket and start the new year making these on a monthly basis. There is one block for each month. 

 My "Words to Live By"  BOM is coming along 
again this is a wool project.

 Every summer when we close the guild we offer a challenge for the members. This year I gave them each a 5 x 5 inch charm piece and with it we had to use it in a 8 x 8 finished block.  
 My 5 x 5 was the navy petals on one of the big flowers and the small one. I made my flowers out of hexies.  Now this will definitely be another post