Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
Expo-Couverte Quilt Show

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All done...

the Bargello that is..............
and quite pleased with it. 
 It makes a beautiful quilt once it is done. It looks like a very complicated pattern, when it fact it is very simple to make.
 This one is for Daughter-in-law Monique. Now it is off to the quilter to be hand quilted.

Valentine Day is on its way and I thought a new apron would be appropriate so I am working on just that.   
Snowy weather has cancelled the guild meetings twice. I am looking forward to seeing all the projects the members were able to do while being snowbound. Hopefully next week. 
Stay safe♥

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Saturday sewing day

Sewing day at the guild always fulfills its goal. 
***To pass on the skills we are blessed with and help one another.*** 
 We have maintained this goal for the past three years and as we enter in our fourth year we will continue to focus on this objective,  
making everyone recognize we all have skills to share. Each member is appreciative of the camaraderie that has been formed amongst the 100 members. We meet to enjoy each others company and have fun doing what we love, "sewing". No one claims to be an expert and everyone is accepted for the lovely being they are. There are no judges, no managers and we all appreciate the beautiful projects that inspire us to continue our quest to pass on the art of quilting. 
I feel so blessed to be part of such a wonderful group of women
Association La Guilde Acadienne de Clare 

Last Saturday was our sewing day and we made aprons.    
Serious contemplation going on with Clara, Simone and Paulette  
 Bonnie's apron is coming along  
 Cecile chooses pastel colors for hers 
 This one is Clara's 
 Paulette has her appliqué planned out 
 Barbara is going right to town with hers 
 Marilyn and her lovely smile tackles her strips 
 Paulette and Marilyn share ideas
 This one will be perfect for Elise at Christmas 
 Karen has the country look with her Kansas Trouble Jelly roll 
 Member Joanne from Manitoba is able to join us this winter in person ♥

Today is a storm day 
 and I am home 
Storm days are always the best for sewing and enjoying an Acadian dish of "Fricot" and homemade fudge. 
(Fricot is a chicken stew with potato dumplings) perfect for a below zero temperature day. 
For my sewing I plan to work on my Bargello. It is coming along well. I am not very fond of this pattern as I find it monotonous just sewing strips. Those who have never made one think it is very complicated but in fact it is very straight forward and has limited challenges. However there is a movie on Vu I want to watch so I will be able to watch and sew at the same time while my Fricot cooks. 
Stay safe!     

Saturday, January 18, 2014

More "goings" on....

The decorations are all put away. There is always that special gift  you hate to tie up in a box until next year. 
This is the one for me.  

A beautiful cushion made by my friend Elaine . I  displayed this cushion on my couch over the holidays and I had a difficult time to keep people from snuggling up with it (: 
 I love the felt poinsettia♥ 

Remember the tea towel exchange we had at the Guild's Christmas party? I couldn't show you the tea towel I had decorated for fear the members would see it before the party.Here it is!  
The rings are for a dowel; it is a wall hanging.  

Member Simone was the recipient of it. 

So 2014 is up and running and it is not looking like there will be too much down time when it comes to the guild's events and activities. 
The waiting list continues to grow and the members remain faithful  to sharing the many talents they have been given in the art of quilting .

As for my projects ;
I am seeing that the end of the BOM, Spring Bouquet from Keepsake Quilting  is near.  
1¼ inch squares are all cut 
and the first border is on. 

I received the quilt I am donating for the church lottery from the quilter 

Hand quilted by Nadine Belliveau who did a super job on this King size quilt. 
Design, "Pinwheel in my Garden"  by Kansas Trouble
               Wiscasset by Minick & Simpson for Moda Fabrics

My sewing machine is running full swing as I work on a UFO.  
 Bargello quilt 
 I am at the cutting stage and I must admit it is not my favorite part of this project.
 So today it is off to the guild for an all day sewing workshop where we will be making aprons. 

Doesn't get better that this! 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

New year post

and the 400th post. I have gone back to read past posts and comments and I must to say it was an exciting journey connecting with wonderful bloggers . Of course the first few years the posts were plentiful but life got busy and posting was not so frequent. I  still try to focus on the exciting events. There are certainly too many supporters to name individually but I am so glad to have come to meet you through blog land. 
I actually was lucky enough to meet one supporter in person as we were on tour to Texas and that is Michelle.
   That was the highlight of my trip and way too short a visit. I will never forget the bond of friendship that was made on that  evening.  Michelle and I keep in touch and we WILL see each other again♥

Because of the blog I connected with one lady who has become very special to me and I credit her for all the confidence I acquired  in sewing my quilting projects. 
Yes! That is right it is Karen 
We meet every year at her workshops and Karen came to visit  the quilt show in Saulnierville  as well as the guild . She became a member of La Guilde Acadienne de Clare.  

Sewing continues and this is a project I made starting with the paper piecing center which was a workshop at the guild. I put the borders together to show the members you can do a  paper piecing block and add on to make a large project. 

Add a few borders  in strips and then squares 
A little applique in the corners is an added touch. 
And "voilà" you have a large quilt .
The guild is back in motion for the new year the next workshop will be an apron  
with either the Christmas tree appliqué or
a flowery appliqué to be used in any season. There  are many events on the guild's calender so it is bound to be a busy year . 

Well off  to contemplate the 401 post ♥♥

Friday, January 3, 2014

Bonne Année/ Happy New year

The gifts 

 Are all unwrapped, the decorations put away and the Christmas parties all done for another year,  

The guild had their Christmas party on a very stormy evening but many ventured out for the fun 
The Juniors were there... displaying their gifts... a lanyard to hold their guild's name badge
More members enjoying the good food, good company and lots of laughs .
Here is granddaughter Ariane with her Secret Santa gift. Pot holder and napkins...  
I am off until the 6th so I did manage to get some sewing done.
 My BOM Spring Bouquet.. 
I have all my blocks done ready for the borders 

 It is a very colorful quilt 
 Machine appliquéd..

Every Christmas since the kids were small Santa always brought a jigsaw puzzle. They started with 20 large pieces and with years added on, now the puzzles have 1000 pieces  
 so every boxing day the puzzle gets worked on... daughters Yvelle and Liette and son Adrien.

New Years eve preparations 
 for appetizers....Shrimp tart-lets 

 Amy was surprised when her boyfriend Mitch came home from out west for Christmas.. Glad he was home with us 
We had snow for Christmas .. on my way to mass ..