Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
Expo-Couverte Quilt Show

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday evening and all is well!

 I didn't have a big list this week... but lots of little interesting projects.

For our summer challenge at the guild we will be making two blocks for when we reconvene in September. I am not known to procrastinate ..... so mine are done.  
Blocks "Hugs and Kiss" will be used to make quilts for  the Mental Health Unit.

Also in September I will be doing a workshop for our Juniors quilters and so I decided to do the sample.  
2½" squares put together and hand quilted with Pearl Cotton makes for a cute cushion. I am certain it will be a big hit.

I haven't put my knitting away .. I guess because the weather has only been summer like in the last two days working with wool was not a problem.
I am making Crowl scarves ... I enjoy working on these when Gerald reads to me during our quiet time after dinner.

Speaking of reading I picked this book from my reading shelf ...
I call it "just for fun" reading . 
Today we had a Junior workshop at the guild ...
I know...  the guild is not meeting until September but we committed to doing two workshops for the Clare Recreation Department and this is the first one of the two.
15 new quilters on the horizon... made a raggy cushion. Two of our Juniors who are more advanced made beautiful pencil cases . It was a hot day but everyone had fun! The next workhop is August 17th.
Lots of events on my calender so I may not be sewing too much. I have my Bargello strips to sew together which is perfect to work on when time for sewing is limited..

One of the events on my calender is coming up in two weeks.
This year we are the organizers for the
Tufts family reunion.
Gerald and all his siblings.