Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
Expo-Couverte Quilt Show

Monday, September 23, 2013

What's new?

A new season .. is new. We welcome fall and I have to say it is my favorite season of the four. 
The brisk air today made me realize it is time to put 

                                        the sandals away. 
                            When I came home from work Gerald had made  
a fire and the coziness made me bring out

the knitting. Nothing complicated .. a cable scarf. 

My manager has a sweet grand-daughter and the focus in her room is 

"babushka" dolls. 
I was able to find an embroidery design for her quilt. 

                                               here is the center of the quilt 
                                                            Three little Babushkas
                                        here it is all finished.

I mentioned in an earlier post I had attended a workshop while I was in PEI to make the Serenity 11 purse, 
 it was a hit at the guild so a few members got together to make  one. They are all beautiful.

                          I changed the style a bit and made    
                                  this one from the Amelia pattern. 
So it will be back to the sewing room but also the knitting projects. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Oh my!

I have really been off the radar as far as blogging goes... But I am never far from my sewing room. I managed to finish that mystery quilt for the Guild's challenge and it is off to the quilters to be hand quilted... Yea! As I mentioned before I can only post it in March after it has been revealed to the members for our open house. 

 Our parish church, Sacré- Coeur   needed a new banner and  

 I made this one 
 Here you see the back.. Jesus is love♥ 
I made the second Serenity Bag... 

Well the season is changing and it is time to close the pool. 
We try to prolong the summer evenings with a backyard gathering around the fire pit. S'Mores are roasting beautifully for everyone to enjoy!  

My favorite season is the fall and so I don't mind closing the summer. Everyone is back to school. Both daughters are school teacher and DIL as well and son is the IT- tech for Tri-County school board .
Here we have Laurène and Ariane ready for their first day back..

This is 
Miss Émilie's first year 

Here she is getting on the bus for the first time... Literally that is a big step for a little girl!

 Here she settling down in the classroom.. Her teacher? 
Tantie Yvelle♥