Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Rolling right along

It has been so pleasant to connect with some of you again. I have enjoyed your emails and thank you for your thoughts and words of kindness and support and condolences.

Today's daily mediation was titled :
Buckle up! 
"Father, sometimes life is overwhelming. Help me trust You with all the turbulent moments knowing how deeply You care for my life." 

Yes winter seems to be marching to a good beat and I am happy to say so am I in finishing my projects. 

This one however is a year long project .   
52 week challenge .. I will have my 52 blocks done before the end of the year because I try to make at least 4 or 5 a week.
I have started assembling some.  
I just couldn't wait to see what it was going to look like.This has been a fun project to do in more ways than one. My sister,who lives at the other end of the Province in Antigonish NS, and I have been  doing the blocks together on Face time. 
She has hers all  finished and ready to be sandwiched for quilting!!!

I have also been working on my double wedding ring and here are the flying geese borders "flying" right along 
 Paper piecing is so much fun and 
 yes,  so accurate.  
 Now on to the large borders with the appliqué.

I am certain everyone knows this beautiful lady.
Kim Diehl ....
 I made her quilt the "Taffy Pull" in 2011 and it has been  the Guild's emblem quilt.  
This inspired me to start and Kim Diehl club. 
Members of the Guild interested in joining just need to pick one of her patterns and we sew it together at the guild. She has loads of beautiful projects on the Henry Glass website to download for free.   
I made this set as a sample for the Guild "Walk in the Park".
And for my pattern choice I picked
 Fiddlesticks and Fancies 
In her Fiddlesticks fabric 
 One of my blocks I made at the guild on a different machine and yes ... it turned out smaller. My quilt will have a matching cushion.

A new project I started is the Rose of Sharon in machine appliqué.
 I am not using the traditional dark red and orange colors but going pastel.

Lots happening...in my life..
 Spring is around the corner ready to bring in the new ... and yes that is exactly what will happen in our family.

 I will become a great grand-mother... to Baby Girl Hicks  
My Grand-daughter Amy and Mitch are expecting their first and it's a girl... ♥♥♥ 
But before the baby comes, Amy and I are taking an Ocean cruise in the Western Mediterranean from Rome to Barcelona . 
I hope to update my blog before we leave but if not I will post pictures of our adventure. 

Remember .. " when life seems overwhelming, we can pray and be buckled in peace. He can help us thorough the turbulence".