Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Sunday, February 28, 2010

We won!

Whew!!!!!! I have aged about ten years in the last 4 hours,... Canada won the men's gold medal in Olympics hockey and it was not an easy win... Hats of to the Americans who played fabulous... (It is great to win but I ache for the ones who worked so hard and lost... )

History was made tonight not only for Canada but for Nova Scotia because our golden boy Sidney Crosby (Sid the Kid )made the winning goal!

Now I am off to watch the closing ceremonies and to do some hand quilting on my Star Trip...

Well CG&G another month is finished and for those of you who haven't done so already; leave me a comment for your finished February projects by March 3rd and let Kelly know your goals for March...I will announce the two winners of the $25.00 gift certifiates for the

on March 3rd.............

Again it has been fun to host the CG&GQC ... I have enjoyed seeing your goals, your tags, sewing with you at the Spring Sewing Party and now your finished projects...but most importantly your support!♥♥♥

Keep those machines revving and stay connected. Lots of fun things coming up in the

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Let's Sew Party

Tout fini! Kelly , you thought me well... look I even have my ends neatly in bowl!

And here it is... table topper in the "Verna" . This is another wonder because I NEVER go for the bright colors! Remember I am a KT girl.....
Oh but I love my table runner.. just that "springy" brightness I was looking for.
Well girls it has been fun sewing with you and I apologize I have to leave a bit early... 5:00 pm here. I am hosting a dinner party for friends so I have been running from sewing room to kitchen in preparations for my dinner. I will definitely visit your blogs later for those of you I haven't had the time to visit and I will certainly drop by tomorrow to see all your beautiful finished products!

How is everyone doing? I have my movie picked..... An oldie but goodie♥♥♥

One of my favourite!
My Stone Cottage Block is all done! Now I move on to....

the table topper...love the "Verna"♥♥♥

A quick lunch of pasta casserole and I'll be back to visit....


I really need a bright and "springy' table topper so what could be better than one made the Verna? Oh Yea! this will be my first project!

Next I will be doing one block . The pattern is called Stone Cottage and I am making it in the Buggy Barn "In thePink 11". I do one block a day.

Here are the links to all the "partiers" so visit often and leave a supporting comment.

Barbara; Little Sisters Site

Claudia: Claude's Quilt Den

Cecilia: My Quilting Room

Joanne: Thread head

Sandy: Textilehouse

Stina: Kviltstina

Jocelyn: Happy Cottage Quilter

May: Abyquilt

Polly: Aunt Pollys porch

Shiree: Kiwifruit-Shiree

Moneik: Moneik's Quilts

Melody: Quilty Mama

Karen: Karen-Logcabin Quilter

Kimmie: Kimmies Quilts

Carolyn: Lakeside Quilting

Michelle: The l7quilt co

Darlene: Quilting Daze

Kelly: Cotton Charm Quilts

Anne Annieb-Seize The Day Quilting

Kim; Kim Sherrod Studio

Carol Carols Craft blog

Rene; luv2 kreate

Carol brownquilts4me

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Lisa craftylittlemama

Cindy: sewcindy

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Oddbjorg: My Creative Corner

Cara: Cara Quilts

Michelle: Michelle's Romantic Tangle

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Brenda: Crazy, Crafty and Creative

Di: Quilting Is Blissful

Ulla: Textile Joy

Liz: Moments

Loralynn: My Art My So Called Life

Cynthia: Bird Brains & Dog Tales

Jandi: Jandi in Stitches

We have 3 girls without blogs who will be participating

Elizabeth M.
Deborah Kitts
Linda W

Kelly will keep us posted on their progress.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Party Time....

It's the CG&GQC

I am all excited ... so much so that I still have not decided on what I will be working on for certain. I have two or three projects in mind....

Here is how it works... you have until 9:00 pm tonight to register to Kelly's link. There will be a cut off number as we need to keep it manageable so we have time to sew, eat, chat and most importantly blog and visit the blogs of the partiers.

You will let Kelly know on the link above that you have posted the Spring Sewing Party Bling
and that will be the post where you will post all your entries tomorrow as you share your projects and progress. Enter as many photos as you wish. (The more the merrier)
We all want to see your beautiful work in progress. Let us know when they are finished because at the end,  Kelly and I will do a parade of your party projects on our blogs.

Both Kelly and I will have a list of the participants with links to their blogs and also on my side bar I have a list of all the Charming Girls which will indicate when they have a new post on their blog, so you can easily access all the blogs. Make sure you leave a comment as you visit each other's blogs.

OK!!!! So I am off to see what I can bring to the party, oh and yes decide what I am going to sew!

See you tomorrow!

Marilyn's February porjects

 Marilyn says;
Hi Joan,

I am sending you a picture of my February finishes for the Charming Girls Club. I finished 12 blocks this month.
Those are asolutely gorgeous Marilyn! Can't wait to see them all put together.

Linda's finishes

This from CG Linda.....
March Project #1 All these blocks are going together to become a quilttop!
Feb Finishes. These are my two BOM. Although there are really more thantwo pieses here, but that`s how the lqs did it. Next I`ll sew them all up.

Feb Project #2 pillowcase made with fannel.

Thanks Linda... Great finishes! Already ready for March! Wow!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Elizabeth's February finishes

Hello Joan,
These are my finishes for February. (Kind of)

My Schnibble is all finished and my block of the month but I only have one block done on my Summer Rental (Vine Creek) quilt. I did get it all cut but I was sidetracked when I was asked by the quilt pattern designer at my local quilt shop to test one of her patterns. I made it in Aster Manor. I couldn't say no and it was fun making a quilt that I had no idea what it would look like. I also did the second step to the mystery step quilt which was a ton of triangles. I can't wait to see what it will look like when it's finished. (I only got all this done because my husband and son went out of town on a mission trip to Mexico with a group of college kids.)

Well, enjoy these last few days of February and I hope to be with you at the sewing party Saturday.

Elizabeth M.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February projects

Wow! did February ever fly by! But thanks to the

 which keeps me on my toes with my UFO projects, I did get them done!   
Miss Émilie's quilt.. "Blossom Time " in the fabric Birdie by "Me and My Sister"
My first Schnibble "Two Bits" .......in Kansas Trouble Vine Creek
and my BOM #4

In the KT Kansas Winter...

Those are the projects I had submitted for February  and to my amazement I did get some others done and more started.

Submit your comments about your  February finishes here on this post and your name will go in the draw for one of two $25.00 gift certificate to 

Don't forget to sign up for Saturday's
 on Kelly's party post  before Friday 9PM .

Can't wait to see you there!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sew into Spring with the ......

When: Saturday February 27th 2010....
RSVP: at Kelly's ...... YOU MUST COMMENT ON her Thursday February 25th POST WITH THE LINK TO YOUR POST FOR THE SEWING PARTY BY FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26TH AT 9:00 P.M. CST. If you haven't posted a comment there with your link by 9, then you'll miss out!

Both Kelly and I will post all the links of the participants in the Spring  Sewing Party so we can easily connect to see everyone's progress and leave supporting comments.
Oh sew much fun...... can't wait to see you all at the party.

I have been a little delinguent this week in my blogging..... there are just not enough hours in the day or evening......but there is always time for a little sewing...
As you have read before, Kelly and I are sewing together by connecting on Skype ...  this is the project I have been working on and I call it my Skype project!

The pattern is "Gatherings' by Jan Patek and the fabric is "Blessings". As you can see the blocks are all appliqué allowing me  to talk and giggle with Kelly while I do my hand work. 
Number 1 block............ 
Number 2......

We have a lot of fun and I look forward to our sewing retreats on Skype. 
I am also looking forward to our sewing party...Now I'm off to decide on the project I am going to make on Saturday.......

Thursday, February 18, 2010

CG Elizabeth's favourite things.

Good Morning Joan,

You're right, it is hard to come up with some favorites.
There are so many when you start thinking about it.
So, I'll keep it at seven and not in any particular order.

1. Of course, quilting and "Quilt Talk" and shopping with my friend Sharon.
2. My 2 black kittens, Twilight and Jasper.
3. Phone calls from my daughter Emma who is away at school.
4. My home.
5. Playing the keyboard once a month at church for worship.
6. My Book Club. They are 5 wonderful ladies. We meet once a month for lunch at each others homes and then discuss the book for that month. We have been together for 10 years now.
7......and also, being in the Charming Quilt Club. : )
Have a great day!!!!!

Elizabeth M.
Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your wonderful favouite things...  

Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Favourite Things " (tag) for the CG&GQC and February Finishes

Where do the days and months go? Wow! It's that time again... Tag time at the... This past Christmas I received a gift from my very dear friend Kelly, and she had labelled it "Some of My Favourite Things". This gift meant a lot to me because I was getting to know my friend better and to share with her, her favourite things. At once my thoughts came around having a tag for the CG&GQC on that similar topic so that we can share our favourite things and get to know each other better.

Pick out your favourite things ... and post them on your blog telling us a little bit about why they are your favourites and leave a comment here that your post is ready. Of course your name will go into the draw for one of two gift certificates from Cotton Charm.

I must say it was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be as my list could be very long.

Sewing is my absolutely, positively the most favourite thing I do and so it is fitting my list of favourite things... begins with something related to my "bestest" hobby

#1 on my list are...

Pre-cuts fabric....I think they are the best since sliced bread! It gives me the whole line of fabric, to use in scrap quilts and I love the patterns that are used with the pre-cuts. Of course I still have difficulty opening the charm packs and the jelly rolls, oh that is so painful to see them unroll as I cut the ribbon! The Fat Quarter Bundles; I try to keep them in order as long as I can as I pick from the bundle.
Oh! do I need therapy or what ?

And this brings me to my #2...

My quilt books and patterns...I love quilt books and patterns. When I am too tired to focus on sewing I sit and read and look through my pattern books....
I enjoy getting to know the designers...and learn new techniques... Of course that brings me to another therapy session as I would love to make them all.....

and along with my books comes #3

My magazine subscriptions are ... what else??? Quilt magazines!
There is nothing more appealing to me then when I get to the mailbox and my subscription is in. I usually put it on my chair for later reading when I turn my sewing machine off or early in the morning. Another area of caution ... I only allow myself to subscribe to two subscription at a time...but there is always the news stand ... I can pick some of the others there......
I must say "Fons and Porter" make the top of my list this year!

#3 takes me away from my quilting......and I escape in various adventures through my novels......

I love books!!!!! and I have an extended collection of them.... Mystery is on top of my list but I will read anything... favourite authors: Mary Higgins Clark, Sandra Brown, Dan Brown and many more. I absolutely love the Amish books by Wanda Brunstetter. Now I am reading Lovers Knot by Clare Odonodhue and I classify this a good read!
My reading time is usually when I go to bed. I try to allow one hour of reading before I turn the light off. I find this lets me escape the work related brain waves.

And #4 the pampering is also on top of my list ......

Most evenings and in between my spa days
(which are absolutely my F A V O U R I T E)
I have a foot massage & soak with my favourite lotion of course. At this time I work on some appliqué pieces or other hand work. Followed by....

A foot massage and colored nails.......

Next #5 is absolutely yummy.....and so special because

My friend Kelly introduced me to this new scent. (Thank you Thank you so much Kelly....I absolutely love it....Of course our hospitals are all scent free ( where all my offices are) so I enjoy getting to use it on those special occasions.. like a Valentine dinner....

And #6... what else????

C H O C O L A T E... I never use to like the dark chocolate but I did make the change and I don't feel so guilty now when I indulge ..after all it is good for your health♥♥♥
So those are some of my favourite things . There would be many more things that would fit on the list, but these, I use on a daily/weekly basis.

I can't wait to see yours so leave me a comment which will link us to your list of
F A V O U R I T E things.
On this post leave a comment about your February finishes. I know some of you are
way ahead this month and have been very productive; so leave a comment and we'll all enjoy those gorgeous projects of the Charming Girls & Guys.

Lights in the Forest

Happy Valentine's Day!
Hubby and I marked the occasion beginning with  a play...
Which has an abundance of history and great importance  to our  neighbouring community.
"Electric City", as the area came to be known (and is the name of the book)... took place in a remote forest about 15 miles from our home.   
In 1892, Jean Jacques Stehelin, a wealthy French aristocrat from St Charles,France established an elaborate settlement in Digby County known as New France. Among the facilities constructed at his ‘Electric City’ were a teahouse, a chapel, a casino, a sawmill, a wooden railway and a blacksmith’s forge. The Electric City was also endowed with electric power, 30 years before it became available at nearby communities. The New France Historic Park at Langford Lake, Digby County opened in the summer of 2000. The park, a project of J.D. Irving Ltd., is a ‘must see’ for any visitor to Weymouth.
The play was fantastic!♥♥♥ and the actors did a super job in capturing the times and the developement of  the "Electric City" .
And tonight we are attending a Valentine fundraiser dinner for the local SPACA which consists of "Creamed  Lobster".

Thursday, February 11, 2010

One more sleep!

In 24 hours it all begins!
So wear your mittens proudly in support of our athletes. 

Grand-père and Laurène are ready ...
And so are Ariane and I.....

And following the Olympics I will look forward to my monthly packages for the .....  
Which I signed up for at......

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Skype projects!

As you have heard from both Kelly and I, we are having fun sewing together on Skype...But one thing we realized was, it was more fun to do hand work because then we can talk and giggle while we work; so I have my projects prepared and these will be strickly my Skype Projects or better still my "Sewing Events with Kelly projects!" 
My first one is the one I started at our first Skype quilting session.   I made two of these and I will be hand sewing my bindings at our next session. This pattern is fun to make and I made it with the  KT Vine Creek. The pattern is on the Moda Bake Shop web site.
I will be making this pattern "Gatherings"  from Jan Patek's website. I have been planning to do this project for while now. I am using the fabric "Blessings" by Brannock and Patek. This pattern is appliqué-ed and perfect hand work for my Skype projects.   

I want to take this opportunity to thank you girls for taking the time to visit the postings of those girls who do not have blogs. I am certain Pam and Elizabeth appreciate your comments and support.
♥♥♥That's what it's all about!♥♥♥