Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentine Sewing Party highlights

What a fun day we had and by the looks of all the projects that came out from that party it was a very productive day in the quilting world. The following is "half "the list of participants. The other half is posted on Kelly's blog so make sure you visit. Click on the project photo to link to the individual blogs. Dawn-Marie: Friendship Around The Corner Mary Anne: Moon Beams In A Jar Sandie: Crazy About Quilts Chrys: Paper Roses

Amanda" Busy Little Quilter
Esther: You Sew Girl
Cora: A Crafty Moment Kelly: Charming Chatter
Mary: Mary on Lake Polaski Sew Cal Gal #1 Sew Cal Gal #2 Sew Cal Gal #3 Sew Cal Gal #4 Sew Cal Gal #5 Lisa: A Crafty Little Mama CJ: A Stitch and A Prayer Lollydo Polly: Aunt Polly's Porch Moneik: Moneik Quilts Melody: Quilty Mama
Carolyn: Lakeside Quilting

Well, isn't that the most beautiful parade of projects you have ever seen? I am so glad Kelly made it a draw and not a judging contest because how would one choose? I have the name of the second winner and it is: Kim ( Kim would you send Kelly your mailing address?) Two winners win a L'Amour Honey bun and charm pack by Sandy Gervais Congratulations Kim! and the other winner you will find on Kelly's blog
From the looks you are all winners with those gorgeous projects♥♥♥

Thank you girls for coming to the party.You were the perfect guests! So many of you (including ME) have expressed the desire to do it again....

So here is the invitation:

CGQC Sewing Party.

When: Saturday February 27th.

Time: All day

Theme: Spring/Easter

As before bring you own goodies and camera.

RSVP on this site or at Kelly's

Thursday, January 28, 2010

It was a binding week!

"Tout fini"! ♥The binding is all done♥ That was the task this week. Cause for the Cure in the"Heritage" by Howard Marcus
And "Roses are Red" pattern by Jan Patek in the Rouenneries fabric by French General
Hubby put a clothesline on my deck for the winter as I prefer that some of my clothes dry outside and it is working well for my quilt pictures.
Notice the snow is almost all gone but it is snowing as I write this with an expected 20cm (8 inches) by tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CGQC January finishes.

What a party! The only thing that would have been better is if we had been altogether in a room ! ( I wonder if we would have had as much work done? Hubby says "NO WAY", I wonder why he would think this way?)
I am having fun downloading your beautiful pieces for the "Parade of Valentine Projects" which will be posted on Kelly and my blogs for everyone to admire possibly before the week-end. (Stay tuned in)

Now for my finished January projects, I am very excited with the time I had to sew. Of course you already saw my post of my first finished project...and probably tired of reading about it.The Birchwoodlane House by Suzanne McNeil in the Holly Taylor Birchwood Lane fabric Next my BOM for January.. "Corn and Beans" in the Kansas Winters fabric

And the one for "Hubby" ( this was one of those projects that needed a lot of coaxing and self discipline to get to and sew. I am extremely glad it is done) "Cause for the Cure" Heritage.. which was quilted by Agnes. I am presently binding it so I should have a "truly" finished post by the week-end.
Those were the projects I had submitted for January and I did mange to make a few more as you have seen in my previous posts so, January was a very good month!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sewing Party part 4

So how is everyone? I'm ready for the binding. Which one will it be? I decided on the plain red. Oh! I really like this part because it is an indication that my project is almost done.

And Voilà! A bit big for the this table and a bit cold -8C
Fits perfectly on this table!

Well girls it has been quite the day. I did not think I would be finishing my tabletopper today but with all of you inspiring me it is done and ready to be enjoyed for that special event "Valentine's Day". So glad you could make it and I am off to see all of you on your blogs! As I put the camera away; I hope we will do this again!

Happy Valentine's

Sewing party Part 3

How is everyone? I have been checking the blogs and there are some beauties being processed. WOW! I almost forgot to have lunch! (Which would be a blessing if I forgot lunch once in a while, Tee-hee-hee. You guys should drop by more often.)

I have started the free motion quilting !

I am not using my Fab-U- Motion with stitch regulator because I need more practice with it so there will be some uneven stitches. I have been doing the free motion on all my small pieces and I like to watch the progress .

Well I must get this done and maybe I will have time to finish today!

"A la Prochaine'! (Later)

Sewing party Part 2

How is everyone doing?

Mine is coming along Ticky Tock! When I first came home from the store with the fabric I was not impressed, I found it a bit "busy" but as I get the pieces put together I think it will work. If I do this project again I will stop at this level and not put the hearts on. I really like the looks of the block! And I am even thinking of doing it scrappy. Each block a different color. um?
But because it is a valentine tabletopper I have my hearts ready to be fused.

and machine applique... I think I need a bit more practice doing this on the machine.
Well , the next step is to sandwich it and quilt it. Again machine quilt it. That is!
See you later.

It's a Valentine Sewing Party

I couldn't resist the song! It's been playing in my head since we posted the invitation to this party!

Welcome everyone to the
Good morning! In my pj's with coffee in hand (Tim Horton coffee that is) and getting the sewing machine fired up for an exceptional sewing day!

I have left strict instructions that all other tasks are on hold for today! Sewing is on the agenda. Hubby is not a cook so yesterday I made a soup for his lunch . I did share with him some of the dishes that you girls are bringing to the party and he stated he wished he was a quilter...just for today!
It is SO wonderful to sew with all of you!

This is the project I am aiming to accomplish
But just the one block..... Oh! I am always so envious of how neat Kelly is when she is sewing. She has a bowl to put the tails she trims off her blocks. Today of all days I just couldn't let them fly all over as they usually do; so thanks Kelly for the inspiration which allows my sewing room to stay a little neater. I arrived at the party a bit early this morning. It is my best time to sew and my table topper is coming along great! Don't you just love it when all the peices fit nicely?

Of course the first thing that comes to mind...uhm"I think I'll do this one again"!

I must go and check to see who has arrived.

I'll see you later with an update and look at the side board for the other girl's updates on their blogs or visit Kelly 's link.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Let's Party!

One more sleep Girls!

Check out Kelly's blog for instructions on posting your progress tomorrow.. You can also check my side board (under the Charming Girls Quilt Club members' list) as it will indicate the time of the individual's new post with the title "Valentine Sewing Party"
Oh what fun! I can't wait to connect to your links and party with you!
A "demain" (Tomorrow)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

No more storm

It looks like the storm is over so is the sewing for today because it is back to work! And that is ok because I did get a lot done yesterday..... I enjoyed working on this table runner.. "Entertwined Hearts". My sister, Simone, had given me the pattern a long time ago and I had never attempted to do it . All done!

Next I decided to get to some of the valentine fabric and cut out the placemats as I won't have time to do all the projects on Saturday...I cut out two of each fabric....

this one, because the pattern is so busy, I decided to just do the crazy quilting on it...
The other two I machine appliquéd some hearts... Ready for the hand sewing of the binding!

Since I was on a roll I decided to cut out the fabric for my table topper for the party Saturday
And the hearts..

Oh what a party! Like we were discussing Michelle and I .. it is so great not to have to worry about what to wear. I love these parties that the dress code is come as you are!
See you Saturday!