Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
Expo-Couverte Quilt Show

Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Morning Breakfast ....

doesn't get better than this. 
As mentioned in previous posts Sunny and I met through our blogs way back in 2010. Sunny is a wonderful follower and I have enjoyed connecting with her through blogland but never dreamed we would one day actually meet. Her and her DH are touring Nova Scotia and we met for breakfast in Yarmouth. I wish we could have spent more time together but because of a medical appointment I had to leave early.     

And now to an update on my sewing.... DG-D Amy's quilt is all done 
 I called it "Circle Lane". It is finished just in time because she is moving to her new house this week.

The Guild is starting the preparations for our Christmas tea and sale of our crafts so I am making a few 
 tea Towels with a Christmas theme.

I am still working on my blue hand appliqué quilt. 
 This block is work in progress. 
This one is all done "Circle Flower" .

So no Monday Blues here... had a great day. 
Safe travels towards home Sunny and Hubby .
Hope to see you again!  

Sunday, October 5, 2014

One more sleep!

Oh I am so excited I just talked to Sunny and they are in Yarmouth about a 45 minute drive from here so I am going to meet them for breakfast tomorrow. I think they saw the whole province !  

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September All Gone

and where did it go? 
The weather is warmer than most evenings in the summer and the winter clothes are on hold.
The guild is back up and running and the membership is still capped at 100.
We had our first week-end sewing retreat. Friday evening and all day Saturday sewing a  
Beatle Bag  pattern by "Abby Lane" http://www.abbeylanequilts.com/beatlebag.html 

 with teacher... my sister Simone Cooper who did a fantastic job
Here is 
 the inside of my bag all done .. and the outside  
All ready for to be "on the go" with the tools and gadgets for all my projects. 
Here is the gang who 
                           were at the sewing retreat.. ready to open                                          that pattern and get going on a fun project .

My birthday happened to be on that Saturday and here is the gift from my Sister Simone  

I love it!  Perfect on my table,

There is excitement in Nova Scotia because "Sunny"  from: http://sunnyquiltingdreams.blogspot.ca/ a blogger friend, is 
visiting this beautiful province of ours....  and I am planning on meeting her in Digby sometimes this week-end! 
I bet you we will both blog about it!