Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
Expo-Couverte Quilt Show

Thursday, August 22, 2013

More of summer 2013

Some more beauties at the quilt show..
This one and the one below, belongs to Kaaren from 

Absolutely G O R G E O U S
Yoyos!! This next one is very old and in perfect shape. When this family moved into a new house in 1942 they found this quilt in a trunk in their new home.

There is no tag on it to indicated just how old it is or by whom it was made. This is when I realize the importance of labeling my quilts, as they will be antiques some day   :(  

This next one certainly has the Acadian flavor
It is off to Ottawa.
And this one so scrappy..my taste.. 
I love it .. it was exquisitely hand quilted 
And another one of those that makes one drool 
All hand appliqued and hand quilted.

There were many more beauties but I did not get to ask for  permission to post their work on my blog. Next year you will all have to come to see this work at its best ... "in person" . Attendance at the quilt show was amazing. We would have an average of 120 visitors a day. It was so much fun to chat with all these people . One noon hour I came home for lunch from the quilt show and hubby noticed I was quiet and not very talkative... I just responded I had talked to over 60 different people in the span of the morning . I was literally all talked out! He was amazed (LOL)  :)  

The quilt show will be featured in the Saltscape magazine. A few members of the Guilde Acadienne de Clare  were interviewed also.   

So when we hit the beaches and sand dunes of PEI 
I had lots to say. 

Grand-père and Miguel 

I told you we had a Tufts Family Reunion 
Here everyone is setting up for the family picnic. 
The girls, (sisters and sisters-in-law) entertained with a few songs.

There were some sad times as well. 
 Our parish Priest Pere Hyacinthe was transferred to a community in Gatineau Quebec. I gave him a quilt I had made as a parting gift . We miss him! 

 My to-do list for sewing  is growing and I look forward to the fall so we can get into a routine. The Fibre-Arts Festival in Amherst will soon be here and again this year my sister, Simone and friend Elaine will be going and will attend Karen Neary's workshop  yea! :)  This year in Amherst there will bean added attraction ..
 Mrs Pugley's Emporium  :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Busy times? Oh yea!

But a fun busy.
Going back to July it started with the Tufts Family reunion which was a great success. The count for members of the family in attendance was 118. 

Then I move on to the quilt show. This is the yearly quilt show at the Sacred-Heart Church in Saulnierville, NS. 

The church was radiant with its array of colors .
What a fun week!
Over 200 quilts were registered and all of them deserved a blue ribbon. Someone asked me why we did not have judges to judge the quilts, my answer,"they are all deserving of the highest award".

Here is some eye candy of that event.

This gorgeous beauty was all hand made!  

All hand appliqued and hand quilted.. Absolutely gorgeous    
Another hand appliqué and hand quilted. Couldn't help but drool...

Here you see the hand quilting.. absolutely gorgeous.
This next one is a very special project  

made by my grand-daughter Laurène. This was her first quilt
made at the age of 12  and she was proud to display it but so was grand-mère. 

Next, I move on to... v a c a t i o n
The whole family went to PEI (Prince Edward Island)   
Here we have all the girls on a" girls night out"  ..
dinner and the play .. Anne of Green Gables

and here we are in the sand dunes of PEI

I took time to attend a workshop while on the Island at
 the Quilting B and More. A beautiful quilt shop  

where I made this bag ..
I also worked on my mystery quilt while at the cottage and it is coming along quite well . I can only post that one in March . It is a project of the guild, which will resume its meetings September 4 . Wow! how time flies. When we closed the doors in June it seemed like eternity before we were to meet again and here it is already in two weeks . The quild will extend its meeting hours, this year.  Every other Wednesday we will meet from 1:00 pm ( insread of 6:30pm) to 9:00 pm. There are lots of activites planned for this coming sewing season and I am looking forward  to getting the show on the road. Seeing all the members will be soooo exciting!   
It is nice to go on vacation but I enjoy coming home and I went right to town with the first on my agenda, my BOM.  
Here is block #4

I am really into bags
 I made this one from  fabric I bought from
 Mrs Pugsley's Emporium. http://mrspsamherst.blogspot.ca
and grand-daughter Laurène was the recipient of it as it is her favorite colors. 
I am having computer problems and I have all my photos on that computer which will not allow me to write anything on my blog`s post :( grrrrrr 
 I managed to get this post done on hubby`s computer but I would have lots more eye candy on the other one. Oh well at least I am back on the blogging scene. I have been able to keep up with most of the blogs I follow and I get the feeling I was not the only one busy this summer. It was nice to meet followers of my blog at the quilt show and hopefully I will be more dedicated to posting now that I am getting back to a routine, It is back to work for me Monday and after 3 weeks off I can say I could get use to staying at home. I have a date in mind for retirement and I think it will be OK. :)