Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
Expo-Couverte Quilt Show

Friday, July 31, 2015

More Eye Candy from the French Shore

The show was a great success and you will see why from the photos I have below. We close this afternoon and in spite of the  fatigue we will miss the interconnection we have had all week with all our visitors at the show. Visitors from across the province, the country, the USA and Europe.  

The colors... 
These were very famous in the show with the younger generation especially made by my sister-in-law Melina
Pinwheels are always a specialty in a quilt 
Fall colors attracted many 
oh! and the appliqué
This one sooo eye catching... 
all kinds of little projects for sale!

I love the stars 
Machine quilting in this one was perfect for the pattern 
More appliqué... hand appliqué that is 
This one is machine appliqué
The butterflies... 
More of the fall colors 
Another story to tell with Kaaren's hand embroidery 
Bargello in vibrant colors 
The Log Cabin has stars! 
This one made by member Clara... all hand made
A quilt show without the Lone star would be missing something.. beautiful !
This one is a cutie .. perfect for a grand-daughter ! Member Clara's grand-daughter that is! 
More hand appliqué 
This is absolutely breath taking . 
Hand appliqué and hand quilted... BEAUTIFUL 
this one by member Lennie ... super beautiful .

 This is the closing day and more eye candy to follow...
A wonderful week! 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

A sneak peek

The week so far at  Expo couverte/quilt show has been wonderful . It was very quiet in the house last evening when I came home from the show. I had talked to so many people  I had practically lost my voice. Were my vocal cords over worked or was it I was speechless at the amount of visitors who came to see the show? 
I think a bit of both.   
 The next three photos are the ones on the alter and are all hand sewn and hand quilted .
By member of the guild Jeannette Comeau
Beautiful work done by Louise Vincelli 
 and another one of Louise Vincelli. Her inspiration for this quilt came from a Christmas card she had received  
This beauty and a special interests to many members in the guild who are into hexies made by Darlene d'Eon
 this celebrates Christmas in a very special way by Kaaren 
 and on my to-do list Cracked pots... by Debbie Handspiker 
A Nautical theme.. beautiful appliqué
 Volkswagons rolled into the show by Geraldine Comeau 
These are but a few of what takes my breath away ... at the Expo-couverte/ quilt show now on until tomorrow at 4 pm in 
Sacré-Coeur Saulnierville church. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

This is where it all takes place

Sacré-Coeur church in Saulnierville NS 

and to find directions go to 

and it will bring you to this 
And to read all about it check out this wonderful review 
Kaaren's blog 

I wish to thank all the quilters who donate their time to help us with the set up for the display, the meeting and greeting of the visitors all week and most importantly the many quilters in South West Nova who bring their works of art for us to have the successful show we have every year.
 Thank you Ladies! 
I cannot thank you enough but just know that you will be
 rewarded by a Higher Power greater than me!
Hugs ♥   

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Everything is ready

and I am excited to see all the entries that will be on display at the  quilt show.
With everyone who was contacted and asked to bring in their beautiful works of arts I am reassured it is a show not to miss. 
The amazing quilters will be bringing their quilts to register on Sunday from 1:00 to 5:00 and then on Monday the doors open for the show. 
Hours: Monday to Thursday from 10:00 to 8:00
Friday July 31 the show closes at 4:00 pm
Now you know where I will be all next week..  meeting old friends and making new ones... 

 This week was dedicated to preparing everything for the quilt show and finishing projects I want to bring for the sale at the show... 
                                                               Bags, place mats 
and those bags come in all sizes ... this one is a i-pad bag 
and so is this one .

I try will to post  updates on the quilt show next week,.. but photos of the quilts themselves will only be shown after the show is closed.
So come on down and see those spectacular, splendid, superb, wonderful, gran, impressive, inspiring, awesome, stunning, breathtaking, and incredible ..did I get all the synonyms for gorgeous? 
Trust me the projects that you will see at the Quilt-Expo Couverte deserve all these adjectives and more.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Road trip on a gorgeous day

Par-en-Bas ..with a carload of friends
Lots of laughs, quilting talks and oh! yes good food... 
Clara, Anna, Barb,  Christina and Moi ventured to 
St Anne du Ruisseau Quilt show! 
 Anna admires the quilts and picks her favorite 
 This one was very special .. the appliqué flowers are very unique. 
 The quilting in this one was super
 I am attracted to tree quilt patterns and this one caught my eye... 
 Having just worked on Bargellos at the guild this one was impressive to everyone. 
 The quilting Oh la la ! 
 The photo did not capture its beauty 
 I am always attracted to scrap quilts. 
 Oh and stars ... I love the stars 
 The perfect color combination and the quilting Wow!  
 Again the photo does not capture all the work that went in this YoYo quilt 
 Black and White quilts rank high on my list of favorites 
 Isn't this a beautiful star? 
 Anyone for crazy quilt? Gorgeous. 
 and we get to chat with our Par-en-Bas friends.. 
 Virginia one of the organizers 

 The embroidery on this quilt was super and so perfect! 
 The girls were impressed with these table runners and hinted they would like to make these.. 
 Mariners Compass always one of my favorite
 Did I say I liked stars 
More stars.

 Then we move upstairs to the Guild's club and "Yes" we found the quilters... 
 Just beautiful... 
 all flying geese 
and another one in the corner... 

 We move on and go to the other quilt show in Pubnico 
More quilts, more beauties...  quilt shows are a pot of gold to a quilter. 
These had ribbons on them .. so were "juried"  
 Mini Quilts were winners also
 One of my favorite 
 Paul entertains with his music
 The church is packed 
 More stars
 Color combination.... perfect
 and more stars 
 More bargello
 Appliqué caught my eye 
 This sits highly on my list of favorites.Postage stamp. 
 Simple and lovely
 Another Mariner's compass 
 Little spools of thread 
 Different curves 
 Oh J'aime 
 It may be crazy but it's beautiful 
 The girls .. Anna, Christina, Barb, and Clara 
 This one was unique with its star made with prairie points  
red in a quilt is always eye catching

After a day with so many inspirations I always get home with ideas for projects galore.. 
But I have to be realistic and go to the UFO basket 
 The July block is a priority 
and here it is........... Yummy watermelon. 

I am very busy at  this time getting all the t's crossed and i's dotted for our quilt show due to begin July 27th.