Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
Expo-Couverte Quilt Show

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A special event ..

and very productive evening at the guild.
One of our members Blanche,  turned 80 and

the policy of the guild is that at the young age of 80 members are awarded a lifetime membership, Blanche is the first one to receive it and we honored her with a

 "pot luck" dessert  and a working evening
 Members  worked on our charity quilts. The guild makes lap quilts for cancer survivors and the mental health unit at the local hospital in Yarmouth. 

  I guess that extra jolt of sugar from all the beautiful desserts gave everyone a burst  of energy because
 Seven  quilts were made in the span of 3 hours... 
I wonder if that is a record breaker?

So what  am I up to? It has been bitter cold all week and there is nothing more soothing than a spicy smell coming from the oven in a warm kitchen. You know after Christmas is over and the taste of that delicious fruitcake is but a memory;

what to do with the left over fruits...    

How about fruit cake cookies?
Yummy! a favourite of hubby!

What about my sewing? 
I received my block of the month

from "Keepsake Quilting". The appliqués are pre-cut and fused .. ..what would my grand-ma say? She sewed all her quilts by hand and there were no pre-cuts! 
And here is....

 my first block..

I decided to do a table ensemble with a four season theme  
  The centre has a 4- season wheel embroidered  then at  
 each end there is an embroidered design of the season which is interchangeable.



                                             and winter

Tomorrow we celebrate Grand-daughter's 24th birthday

They grow so fast! 
It is so great to be part of their lives' journey.
She has an exciting career as a Social Worker, just brand new in the workforce. 

Happy Sunday everyone!     

Monday, January 7, 2013

the lobster bibs get worn...and a side track from sewing

Everyone looked charming in their new attire... 

and the food was pretty good too..

When you come from Quebec and lived all over the world, you are bound to enjoy the Atlantic Seafood. That is the case with   
our parish Priest ...Father Pierre Drouin.

 But imagine when you come from Africa? What we take for granted as an everyday meal  is an amazing treat. Can you tell by the smile on  

Father Hyacinthe
Good food, good company and lots of informative discussions and laughs makes for the perfect evening.

Sewing aside I do a little knitting now and then, so tonight I finished a cowl scarf... 

This is so much fun to knit .. I used Patons Lace Sequins yarn...
Uses one  70 g ball
With 4mm  60cm long circular needles cast on 162 stitches (place a marker to indicate the beginning of round)  and knit two rounds.
Pattern :
Rows 1, 2, 3and 6.....  purl
         Row 4              ..Slip 1 knit 1 
                            Row 5 ...........   yarn over knit 2 together    
Repeat these six rows until your work measures 12 inches.
  Knit one row and cast off..
 Ready to wear  ..  
this one will be for DIL Monique "maman" to our little Prince
No interruptions please these are the "Giggle bellies" on Pa-père's computer...in the big chair...
O.....kay    a quick smile for ma-mère

Friday, January 4, 2013

Trash or treasures.????

After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and the mad race to finish projects for the deadline as well as the frigid weather outside, I like to do projects which require miminum brain activity. 
In preparation for a lobster dinner we are having next Sunday I thought the need for  
adult bibs seemed like the perfect and practical project to do.
Why the title "Trash or Treasures" ?
You know the tie that comes from all those gorgeous pre-cuts, layer cakes, jelly roll and fat quarter's bundles from Moda, I am not usually a pack rat but I never had the heart to throw them away, so with time there was quite an accumulation in the drawer
Yep! they became a "treasure" for my bibs... So next Sunday as we shell out the lobster meat there is bound to be a conversation around
who is "Moda"?