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Quilt Show  - Expo Couverte
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My First quilt

In reading my favorite blogs I came across Camille and Carrie's blogs who had a great idea to post the first quilt you made and your msot recent project. How exciting is that!
So join in and blog your first and most recent quilt on their web site!


This is my first quilt I ever made. No borders and very large blocks. I don't even know the name of the pattern, it was given to me by a cousin on a plain piece of white paper. I never had any intentions of becoming a quilter. I loved many other hobbies especially sewing, but never quilts. So how did this all come about?

In 1994 we built a Granny apartment on our house for my 80 year old dad and mom. A couple of years after the move my father's health failed and mom would care for him in their little apartment, not venturing out too much for fear of leaving dad. I saw my mother who was always active, deteriorate, physically and emotionally at an almost greater rate than dad, because of her inactivity . Mom had always been a quilter and I asked her if I made the top of a quilt if she would quilt it (by hand)? Hoping it would give her some relief from the bordom she must have felt. My husband set up the frames in their living room of their apartment and from then on she would quilt while being able to keep an eye on dad and seeing to his needs. I have made many quilts since that first one and my mom quilted a lot. It is only in the last year that she does not do hand quilting. She will celebrate 90 years young (God willing) in January 2010 and is in very good health. My father passed away in 2001.

I owe it all to mom and dad for the wonderful experience of becoming a quilter!

.....and this is my recent quilt I made that is completely finished. Of course there are a few in my basket that need the last finishing touches.

Stars Around my Garden...2008/2009


  1. What a wonderful history you have for your talent. Your newest quilt completely blows me away- it is beautiful!

  2. I love the story of that first quilt and it makes your first quilt even more beautiful! Your latest quilt is stunning and you've definitely come a very long way... but I think your first quilt will always be my favorite because of the story behind it. Please wish your Mom a very Happy Birthday next January!

  3. What a lovely story about how you became a quilter! Your first quilt is lovely, and your latest quilt is STUNNING! Happy Birthday to your Mom on her 90th in January!

  4. I came to your blog from the "Parade". I loved reading your story. It seems we have a lot in common. My mother is the reason I love fabrics, colors, and sewing. Unfortunately she is no longer around to share in this joy. I too have been married for 40 years and have 2 grandsons. Your latest quilt is fantastic! I hope you will visit me soon.

  5. What a great story. I really like all those different star blocks in your newest quilt.

  6. Thanks for sharing your story! Your quilt is just breathtaking.

  7. Gorgeous and what a beautiful tribute to your parents.

  8. Beautiful quilts! That is so great of you to help your mom stay busy with something she loves. It's so therapeutic, isn't it? All of those quilts that you made and she quilted will be wonderful treasures full of memories. Thanks for sharing!