Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

I've been tagged

From the Charming Girls Club!

5 Things about myself!

1. My Favorite Fabric is:

I have so many Moda favourites but I must go with the Kansas Trouble. Everytime a new line comes in I just have to have it and I never have any difficulty choosing a pattern to use with it.

Here is one of the many Kansas Trouble Projects with the "Wildflower Seranade", pattern Fiddlesticks.

2. The pattern I'm most looking forward to sewing is:

Oh! my there are so many but this one is the next one on my list after I have all my UFO finished..

The fabric I have chosen to make this pattern is the "Collections For A Cause" Tradition by Howard Marcus. I especially am fond of this pattern because it uses the Pre-cut fabric.. Jelly Rolls and Charm packs which was one of my orders from Cotton Charm

3. The food that is my weakness:

There is no doubt I would eat anything with chocolate; in it; on it; or around it....I have been very conscious of the foods I eat in the past months...(of course, with the wedding coming up...)but not having any chocolate is a struggle... so I found some Toffuti Bars which are accepted on any d--t (oh the D word) and yes! they are chocolate.

4. If I knew I couldn't fail, I'd:

There are several things I have thought about but one that comes to mind would be to get a law degree... Uh Kelly?) I am often asked to testify on behalf of my clients and I find the courts fasinating. Criminal law would be my preference...
And then the other thing I'd enjoy and probably more doable would be a "Quilt Appraiser" .

5. The Best "Life" Advice I know is:

My favourite saying.... and I have no idea who I am quoting...

There is a reason for everything: I find this phrase fits for the many life events that happen and helps me sustain serenity...because when I quote this; I am also reminded to Let Go And Let God. As a health care provider sometimes it is my wish that I could fix everyone!

So those are five things about me which I will submit to the Charming Girls Club!


  1. I love the pattern with the tilted stars. I've seen a quilt with just these stars. Very affective. Oh to let God take control and be bless by His presence.

  2. LOVE KT and the quilt you made! The new one will be pretty, too. A lawyer - huh? That's funny, cuz, if I had college to do over again, I'd major in psychology! How fun would it be to trade info on these, as well as the history?? Great advice -- I'd only add "good" to it -- everything happens for a good reason (though sometimes we can't see the good at the time)! You have such a caring heart, Joan -- your clients are lucky to have you in their corner!

  3. I love that quilt...no wonder you love the fabric!!