Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011... and my MUFs

I did accomplish a lot of sewing projects last year but I did not set goals as I didn't want to stress out if I did not finish them. I do have a few that need attending but I have joined the
and I am not setting any time limits as to when I will get to them done.
#1 I do want to finish (someday).... Synchronized Spinning in the Folk Art by Buggy Barn

#2 and I hope to have Agnes hand quilt this one ...

Jelly Roll Quilt Along in the Decadent Victorian by April Cornell

#3 Next is another one for Agnes to hand quilt also.

It is a BOM I made from the book Better By the Dozen and I used the Kansas Trouble Winter.

#4 I do want to finish hand quilting this one , because I am enjoying the slow pace of hand quilting. It is so relaxing and I want to learn the technique.... A Schinnibles;Two Bits, in some more Kansas Troubles.

These are fermenting very well and will do so for a while because these are projects I want to hand quilt or machine quilt myself♥

Faith in Migration...
will probably go to Agnes so she can do her magic at hand quilting. I want to preserve this one and have it age well as it is one I designed myself.

Of course I have all these new projects lined up to do this year but the bottom line is I will enjoy every stitch!♥♥♥

Happy Sewing in 2011


  1. All of your projects are gorgeous, so how could you not enjoy doing them!! :)

  2. Aw Joan - so many beautiful projects! And, I'm so excited you're going to be a MUF girl - we can support each other when we get too goal oriented (smile)!!! Looking forward to seeing all of your pretty projects in the New Year!

  3. I too am a MUF girl--but I gotta do a new project once in awhile--I mean start a new one--need to have some MUF's for next years list!!!
    love all those projects--mine are pictured on my workbasket site--you can get there by the button on the side bar on the blissful site!!!
    Hugs, di

  4. I decided to be a MUF girl, too! I thought about all the projects I need to finish, but after reading Kelly's post, I decided she has a much better perspective on the whole thing! Much less stressful, and I will continue to finish some WIPS, and start some new ones. Love ALL of your projects...beautiful!

  5. Lovely MUF's, Joan! I've adopted the term as well, I too want to enjoy it. All your quilts are gorgeous but I think my favorite up there is the one you designed yourself!

  6. Once again you have the most beautiful quilt for your banner. Nice projects for the new year, all of them look like fun to make.

  7. AMAZING! I just love your talent!