Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
Expo-Couverte Quilt Show

Friday, January 28, 2011

What would Karen do?

She would find some undisturbed snow and photograph her beautiful designs on a snowy background.. which by the way is not hard to find... "Meadow Song" by designer Karen Neary is complete and ready to be hung on a dry, cozy wall for the spring d├ęcor ..."I know there is still February to tend to".... (This was the project Karen presented at a workshop I attended with my sister Simone in Amherst in October...

The "fundraising quilt" for the Sacred Heart Church is finished... "Apple Crisp"

and Agnes did her magic as usual... Beautifully hand quilted...

Tomorrow I am taking part in the My word is "Lessen" so keeping that in mind I will choose a project with no intentions of finishing it before I start it.. I have not decided what the project will be that I work on at the party but I will choose it this evening. I do know I want to catch up on some of my shows that I tape all week because they air too late and I normally only get to watch them while I do the treadmill. As for snacks well... I have been really good keeping a healthy food plan since the new year so my snacks will be Yogurt...

Can't wait to meet all the participants and have fun sewing together.

Thanks Kelly and Kris for hosting ... See you tomorrow!


  1. It's just beautiful. I love it! How observant you are -I do like to photograph quilts on fresh snow, as I think the white is such a lovely foil for the colours. Did you know that I put clear plastic (like for covering a tablecloth) underneath my quilts so they won't get wet? :) My original Meadow Song was the first thing I quilted on my brand new Bernina last year, and this links us also as I know this was the same for you.
    Thanks for doing such a super job. :)

  2. See you tomorrow...we're going to have fun!

  3. So glad you mentioned a healthy snack. I've been having a hard time in that area. So I'll plan my snack now - carrots and celery. Oh and I have a fresh green pepper! Meadow Song is so beautiful! And it looks lovely on the snow!

  4. How pretty! I have plenty of snow if you want to send it to me for more photos. I've got my plan of attack ready for tomorrow, but I don't think we have any snacks!

  5. It's beautiful Joan, and it looks wonderful in the snow! Apple Crisp is lovely too, and my goodness Agnes works fast. I need her to come visit, I still have half a quilt to go on my Sis Boom.
    Looking forward to tomorrow!