Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
Expo-Couverte Quilt Show

Monday, January 24, 2011


It is very cold today but luckily I have a very comfortable and warm working space. Let me give you a tour of my office....
The décor is all about my crafts ; needlepoint, paper toles and tole paintings, and of course a quilt..... Quilt books and the stress balls.... oh! and yes "C H O C O L A T E "

January events are plentiful... Mom's 91st birthday ...
Here with grand-daughter Liette and two great-grand daughters Émilie and Amy....
Mom and grand children.. Yvelle, Liette and Adrien with great-grand-daughters Laurène, Ariane and Émilie. GD Amy celebrates her birthday in January also... 22 years old

Now for my quilting.. I finished the "Better by the Dozen" in the Kansas Winter... Agnes did her magic with her hand quilting.
I have been busy putting all the final touches on the quilt guild's first meeting on wednesday. The name is "La Guild Acadienne de Clare" and the pre-registration is amazing... As they say it is the talk of the town and people are showing a lot of interests..... so to show my appreciation I made a "valentine" table topper for a door prize at the first meeting...

made in the Blessings......
So everyone stay warm... here the fire is burning brightly in the fireplace and it is very cozy in spite of the -27º with the wind chill..


  1. Try to stay warm Joan, and good luck with quilt guild.

  2. Your office looks very cosy with all your crafts, that would warm the heart and make folks comfortable. You have a GORGEOUS family - Happy Birthday to your Mum!!! And Amy too!

    Congrats on the beautiful finish, that quilt is truly stunning - as usual for YOU! Love your little table topper too, very sweet. Stay warm hon!

  3. What a warm, cozy office...Happy Birthday to your mom. Love your Better by the Dozen...it's wonderful!

  4. Beautiful quilt! and I love your Valentine table topper! You have a lovely family...enjoy! and try to stay warm (and I thought it was cold here...oh my)

  5. The recipient of your table topper sure will be one lucky winner.
    Your mom is blessed to have a wonderful family and to have reached 91. May she have many more healthy years ahead.

  6. Kudos to you Joan. Your guild sounds like something all of us would want to join. Are you taking long distance members?? Joking!!!
    Good luck for the 1st meeting. Can't wait for Thurs' blog. Thanks for the salmon receipe. Different, but very good. A special thanks for Johnny Reid. He keeps me going every day.
    Bonne chance
    Mary in Amherst

  7. Lovely family! It's great that you all have the opportunity to get together to celebrate special occasions. I love all your quilts, as usual, but my favorite is the one in your header. Beautiful! Stay warm and cozy. I just took a quilt to my office to cozy it up a little.