Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

It has a name...

Yes, my table runner was given a nameJoan's Stepping Stones and the winner with the most vote for the name submitted was Alisa♥♥♥ Love it~!

Oh~! there is an excitement in the air... Karen will be doing another workshop at the

Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival in October in Amherst Nova Scotia.......
and my sister, Simone, and I are all booked... I am singing the "Happy Song"

Speaking of Simone, she was visiting on the week-end and she brought me a surprise, as usual...

She made me this beautiful bag.... Side #1Side #2

And the inside... with lots of pockets .. I l o v e it and I have already packed it for my next guild meeting..

The week-end was fun with Simone... even if we never made it to the sewing room... Oh! but we did shop for sewing goodies most of Saturday afternoon... FUN! FUN! FUN! ♥Sisters are forever♥

What is my next project? The next guild workshop will be a Bed runner

.. and I choose to make it in

"Wild Rose" by Blackbird....

It will be the guild's last workshop for the summer and then off to planning the Quilt Show at our church. Running from August the 1st to the 5th...

Of course there will be thoughts around projects for the guild to work on when we resume in the fall....and the planning of workshops and special events.


  1. Joan's Stepping Stones - how clever! And I love your bag. Such a lovely surprise from your sister. Yes, Sisters are Forever.

  2. LOVE the name! And what a great bag - you need to take that shopping, lol!

  3. Hey Joan,
    What a fun post! Love the name, bag & bed runner!

    Thanks for the commenting tip. OH, and just in case you didn't know, you are a 'no-reply' blogger. I tried to email you back and those 'words' showed up. Talk to you more later...


  4. How fun - you and your sister getting to spend time together!! Love your pretty bag - and goodness that Garden Party quilt is gorgeous! I hope you and your sister have a blast at your workshop - and that you have a great time with the latest guild project - very CUTE!!