Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Work in Progress and Resuming the Guild Meetings...

I am presently working on these blocks and have no idea how I am going to put them together yet but the star is what attracted me to making it, with

my absolute favorite fabric line
Garden Party by "Blackbird"

Remember this quilt?" Apple Crisp" , I had donated it to the church for a fundraiser. the winning ticket belonged to Christine Young from Churchill Falls (Newfoundland) Congratulations!

The last meeting of La Guilde Acadienne de Clare was the last Wednesday in June and we had a wonderful evening to close for the summer.
The girls presented me with a gift (surprise and I am not good at surprises). It is a print made by my favorite local "artiste Denise Comeau" and
yes, the picture is "Quilts in the wind". I love it!

Although the Guild did not meet this summer a few of us did get to sew together and Thursday we met at Elaine's

Her sister-in-law and member of the Guild, Denise, turned the big 60 Denise

so we celebrated with...
Clam Rappie pie, (french Acadien Dish), cake and ice cream but it
did not keep us long Denise and Suzette

from our sewing projects Elaine, Simone and Anna

Busy at hand sewing their projects.

The Guild resumes their activities on Wednesday August 31 and the first all day workshop will be on September 24Th .The project is .... "Fabric Weaving"

Here is the first sample...
2 color place mat and 2nd sample with more colors ...

Our instructor for the workshop and also a Guild member isGaile

Tomorrow is back to work for me .... vacation is all done for a while and it is back to a routine. Not a bad thing at all.

It is also the National Acadien Day and the Tintamarre takes place tomorrow evening from across the distrcit of Clare!

Bonne célébration à touts les Acadiens!

♥Fière d'être Acadienne ( Glad to be Acadien)


  1. What a fun post! I LOVE those stars!

  2. I did not purchase any Garden Party and feel like I am going to regret it. I just have too much fabric now to use and felt like I should not add more for an unknown future project. Your blocks will turn into a beautiful quilt I'm sure.