Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This is the kind of week it has been.......

BUSY BUSY BUSY! As I had mentioned I had quite a few meetings scheduled this last week but they all got attended to and I did fit in some sewing....

Elaine came to sew on Friday and I think we chatted more than we sewed...
She is the Guild's secratary and so we discuss issues about the guild . We started the meetings again and 10 more people registered ...:) total 63 members

I did get a Little cushion made for the Guild..
An upholstery company from Toronto donated all kinds of fabric to the guild and I sewed the project as a sample of what we can do with it.

Elaine was busy and made this beautiful project...... Table topper, placemats

"Around The Table" by Karen Neary

and she made napkins to match. Beautiful... She made this for a friend she visited this summer in Boston.

You can purchase this pattern here and others she has designed..

For my weekly projects I did get all my stippling and quilting done

as well as my two star blocks...
Although the weather is not fall-like I feel that fall is in the air and with it comes the coziness of wood burning and long evenings. That motivates me to do some hand quilting.
So I have a little lap quilt ready in the hoop..
It took me all of last fall and winter to do one that size, so I imagine it will be my 2011/2012 quilting project.. I am a novice at handquilting but I enjoy it and want to learn the right way of doing it. There are amazing hand quilters in the guild and I do hope to get some pointers from them.

Best wishes go out to all the students and the teachers who have returned to school today

Amy ( grand-daughter)... Last year of University in Social WorkYvelle (1st daughter and teacher) Ariane ( Grand-daughter) Miss Émilie ( Grand-daughter)

Laurène (Grand-daughter)and Liette 2nd daughter and teacher)
And Monique DIL and Teacher)
NO I did not make a mistake ...... Miss Emilie is in pre-school..... already .. Can you imagine?

Happy Sewing ..


  1. wow! you do get alot done!! I had been in a funk all summer. I had to watch my grandson all summer and just could not get in the mood to sew. Last night I got back at a project started 3 months ago ,it felt great!!

  2. Catching up here and there:-) Love your star blocks;have some Garden Party fabrics-hopefully making something really special one day.
    Such a nice gang in the sand there. And yes,do remember your JR-quilt;it looks so beautiful. I enjoyed that quilt-along. Heading into fall here,weather is hopeless,lots of flowers have died because of all the rain.
    Happy Quilting:-)

  3. Oh my! Your girls are growing up...aren't they! I hope you & yours are doing well.


  4. Wow 63 members, that's great! How fun to sew with a friend, Joan. Lovely pillow and I really like Elaine's project. Your quilting and blocks look wonderful. I too like having a quilt to hand-quilt during the cold months, it's such a cozy, relaxing thing to do. Your girls are just gorgeous - what a beautiful family!