Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

More family fun and Updates

More family fun at Keji Park last week-end..... Almost enough family members to fill the forest!

And the winner ...of my 300th post
Suzette .. ( a member of the Guilde) a Karen Neary pattern... http://www3.ns.sympatico.ca/sewkaren/patterns.htm and speaking of Karen Neary I made her a pin cushion. I credit the Red cardinal for our meeting .. In 2009 I noticed a post on Karen's blog about a red cardinal . It was a picture of a red one taken in her yard and I ventured onto her blog reading about her up coming workshop "Diamonds Are Girls Best Friend". That was it! My sister , Simone, and I signed up and we have been going every year at the Fibre Festival to her workshop. She is a super... teacher and designer....

Simone makes beautiful greeting cards
and she made a variety pack for Karen which she loved.....

The smiles say it all Elaine and Alisa joined us at Karen's workshop..... Free Motion for the Absolute Terrified turned out to be soooo wonderful. The fear dissipated the moment Karen put her skills to the task!
Simone, Moi, Karen, Elaine. and Alisa

Confidence is generally described as a state of being certain....That is how we left the workshop. Confident we could master that technique....

Thank You Karen!


  1. Free Motion for the absolutely terrified. That's the class I need!! I love your little cardinal pincushion. I bought some fall fabric to be used for fussy cutting, and I think some of it will now become a pincushion or two!

  2. I was in Amherst on Thursday. Karen's quilt show was amazing! I bet you had a great time in her class.

  3. What a great family pic! And congrats to Suzette. I'd love to take that workshop with Karen! The pincushion you made her is DARLING!

  4. Hi, Joan: Thanks for such a nice post. I love the pincushion, and the fabrics are perfect. It is on my sewing table but I'm not ready to stick pins in it yet - it's too pretty! And Simone's beautiful cards...so much time she spent on them, and such a neat gift to give away, as the recipient also gives them away. I like the idea of that. I do hope you enjoyed the workshop; for me it was a fulfilling experience to see the success everyone was having. My head hasn't stopped reeling with the possibilites of your brilliant Skype suggestion; I am intrigued. Thank you so much to Simone, you and your friends for coming to the workshop and adding so much to the Festival. We love having you here!