Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Workshop project all done

 Oh! it is exciting but somber because Karen's Workshop is a long time away... October 2013

In any case I am glad to have finished my runner.
The vibrant  color is definitely different then what I usually go for but I  just felt these Batiks were appropriate for the project.
 Here you see how I learnt to do a perfect "V" binding.
The paper piecing spokes 
 And of course the free motion I learnt from Karen's workshop last year, all brought it together.
 Drum roll..... my "Roundabout Table runner".
Thank you Karen what a fun project.

Now I am off to prepare my fabric for the Guild's workshop tomorrow. We are all making a Christmas Aporn to wear at our Christmas Tea which will be held on November 18th. 
Elaine and I had our apron last year at the Christmas Tea . ( The pattern is a Pattern Basket )Since I have one, tomorrow I will be making one for my grand-daughter Laurène who is now a member of the guild.
I will have pictures....   


  1. Wow Joan. Your Roundabout is amazing! I love the colours you chose, so much.

  2. Hi Jean. Love your Roundabout. You should be proud!!!! Such a beautiful job. Good Luck with your tea. Aprons seem to be making such a come back these days. Guess it's true "What goes around, comes around.
    Mary in Amherst

  3. Boy, you sailed right through that! Gorgeous job, as always Joan; I can't believe how quickly you got this all pieced, quilted, and bound (must have had a good teacher, huh? *-)
    You and Elaine make a great team. Have fun tomorrow.

  4. What lovely work you do, and the colours are vibrant and entirely right for the pattern. My top is pieced and as is my terribly bad habit, I come to a screaming halt when it comes to the quilting. A couple of things in my way this coming week but I am determined to have something to show and tell before November ends. You inspire me to keep going.