Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Some "heart" projects

♥♥♥Happy Valentine 's day everyone... ♥♥♥
Some of my pieces I made over the years...with this special day in mind.

 This piece is the very first piece  I ever stippled...  
I pieced it in an afternoon and it took me a week to do the free-motion quilting. Valentine's day was over by the time I finished the stippling..

I figured while I was on a roll I should make another one 

and so this one was created and again my stippling adventure continued.
This last one is the one I showed you in my previous post.

When the Charming Girls Quilt Club was active we would have sewing days. On this one Saturday everyone did a Valentine project . We would sign up for the quilt along and post our progress on our blog all day long. Everyone would visit each others blog to see the projects and then the host of that event would have a parade on her blog of all the projects that had been sewn that day.  
It was a real fun time and it seemed like we we all in the same room sewing on our projects  together. Yet we were spread out all over the world.
Many wonderful friendships were formed in "blogland".

I would love to see your ♥♥♥Valentine pieces♥♥♥ Let me know when you post them on your blog or if you do not have a blog e-mail me a picture and I will post it here on mine.  
Enjoy February 14th with a special someone ! 


  1. Happy Valentine's Day Joan! Your quilts are all beautiful. I loved the Charming Girl sew days too. I discovered the club when I first started blogging, and I was so excited when I was invited to join a couple of months later. It was the perfect way to make bloggy friends.

  2. good sense in romance...impressed with it