Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Monday, September 23, 2013

What's new?

A new season .. is new. We welcome fall and I have to say it is my favorite season of the four. 
The brisk air today made me realize it is time to put 

                                        the sandals away. 
                            When I came home from work Gerald had made  
a fire and the coziness made me bring out

the knitting. Nothing complicated .. a cable scarf. 

My manager has a sweet grand-daughter and the focus in her room is 

"babushka" dolls. 
I was able to find an embroidery design for her quilt. 

                                               here is the center of the quilt 
                                                            Three little Babushkas
                                        here it is all finished.

I mentioned in an earlier post I had attended a workshop while I was in PEI to make the Serenity 11 purse, 
 it was a hit at the guild so a few members got together to make  one. They are all beautiful.

                          I changed the style a bit and made    
                                  this one from the Amelia pattern. 
So it will be back to the sewing room but also the knitting projects. 


  1. What a beautiful quilt and purse. Love the colors of the purse. Fall is my favorite season as well. I've begun the yearly fall decorating last night at my house. I try to wait until it is officially fall. So Happy Fall to you!!!

  2. I love Fall too and that means a trip to Amherst for Fibre Fest. Can't wait to check out the new fabric shop there. Are you going this year? The Babushka quilt is just the sweetest.and I love your Amelia bag. nice colours.