Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sewing is on hold and

the creativity is happening in the kitchen.
 I am a bit late on my baking this year but it will get done....
Yesterday was a perfect day to be in the kitchen.
The Christmas music was on, the snow was sparkling like diamonds and DH kept the fire burning in the fireplace.  

These are Amy's DGD  favorites .... 
 These Christmas Squares are daughters Liette's and Yvelle's favorite...
 The meat is cooking for the meat pies and the Plum pudding is steaming 
 The gumdrops are ready for another gumdrop cake... 
More baking today with GD Amy ... and some wrapping. With the inclement weather predicted lets hope the power stays on so our baking can happen.

Update on the guild.....   

Last weekend at the guild I did a workshop on paper piecing 
 The project is not quite finished yet so in the UFO basket it goes until after Christmas .
Some of the work done at the workshop.

Because we are such a large group we have two workshops going at the same time to divide the attendance, so the second workshop was on "Quilting as you piece"   
 with teacher member Nicole 
 Here is Charmaine's pieced 
 and this is the project all done.. piece and quilted...  
ready to snuggle under♥ . Absolutely gorgeous! 
And the gang has lots of fun! 

The guild is now closed for the Holiday season and this Wednesday we will be having our Christmas party! It takes place at the restaurant  Chez La Cuisine Les Robicheau and we have the whole place to ourselves . This year we have a tea towel exchange and/or potholder. I have mine all done but I cannot post it as I know some members check my blog. I will later.

The guild had another successful year and we look forward to reconvening in 2014 with some already exciting events on its calender.  
More members want to learn paper piecing and we have member Marnie booked to do the workshop... she does beautiful work...
Another member, Shelly, is booked for a workshop to do 
     this gorgeous tote and ... 

 plans and scheduling is on the way for a bus tour to
 in St Catherines in the Niagara Region in Ontario... 

Happy sewing, baking, shopping, wrapping, caroling or whatever you have on your agenda! ♥

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  1. My, my, you've been very busy. Enjoy all your holiday preparations! Merry Christmas.