Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Faith that spring is coming!

......yes I have faith that we will be blessed with four seasons in 2015. It has been a hard winter but it will make us appreciate the black flies and the extreme heat spring and summer can bring. 

I enjoyed the opportunity to recluse to my sewing room on the days with extreme cold and sew projects that were on my wish list. 

This design by Kim Deilh was the very first hand appliqué project I did.   
 I attended a workshop in Antigonish  with my sister Simone a few years ago given by Kim from Harbour Quilt Company ( closed now) . I always wanted to to do it again so I made it as a sample for those members who want to learn freezer paper appliqué in the Sewing Labs at the guild.  
I made another chenille project. 
 This time a cushion. It  will go perfectly 
 with the quilt I donated to the church. 

 I am now into bags!
I made this one for a friend who was going on a cruise. It is called the "Big Bag' perfect for when you leave the cruise ship to visit the ports 

The next one I have had the pattern for a while now and finally it was time to sew strips 

The next one is a spring inspiration 
or maybe I should refer to it as a "spring want-to-be"! 
design by: Nancy Green -Pink Sand Beach Designs 

It has lots of pockets  

....so that is what has been happening in my sewing room lately. 
Pure serenity!  

Next on my to-do-list is a paper piecing wall hanging.
I am still attracted to Christmas projects and it is no wonder with all the snow we have had. We never had any in December so before the real hot weather hits, I want to do a few Christmas projects.
This will be a workshop at the guild to be given by 
member Marnie Hewlett.
I ordered the patterns from: 
Cindi Edgerton

 Stay safe and keep faith we will be rid of  the snow, ice and cold soon! 

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  1. It's snowing like crazy here, so it's probably headed your way next! I hope you still have a few projects left to work on. Great job with everything so far. Love the big bag, and the applique the best. I want to learn more applique methods, but I never quite get there.