Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
Expo-Couverte Quilt Show

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Activities at the guild

The guild's meetings have come to a close for the summer but the activities were plentiful. Member Paula is responsible to challenge the members to make a project with a  specific pattern. This year the challenge was "two colors". 
These projects were unveiled along with a full day of fun activities for the members. 
Here is the parade of projects made with only two colors!      

a beautiful red and white works cushion by 
                                                                  member Paulette

                            Beautiful Turquoise and white Pineapple quilt
by member Alisa 

A red and white disappearing star 
by member Alzora 

Navy and white 
by member Anna

Red and white Bow Tie 
by member Cecile 

Beautiful Blue and white

by member Cathy 

Black  and white . This quilt was all hand pieced and hand quilted 
by member Janice 

Blue and white Bargello
by Member Elise

Yellow and white table topper  
by member Camilla 

Read and white table toppers 
by member Barbara and  
another red and white 
by member Christina 

Rose and white  with an Amish flare... When the quilt was all finished Charmène noticed a mistake and appreciated the fact that her project is not perfect. 
   by member Charmène

Hugs blocks in brown and white by 
member Clara 

and this gem in blue and white 
made by Clara's grand-daughter Marie-Claude 

Red and black ( hand quilted)
by member Rose

This Blue and white quilt was made by the late  member Denise   
                                                         finished by members Karen and Elaine

Beautiful red and white Hunter Star 
                                                                     by member Simone

                       Grey and white Rag quilt made for her husband 
                                                                       by member Gis

This one is a red and white machine embroidered, machine pieced and machine quilted 
 by " Moi"
It is my first big project quilted on  my domestic machine 

                                         Mariners Compass in Blue and white 
                                                                 By member Lennie

Beautiful color combination of grey and turquoise 
by member Suzanne 

And a black and white 
  by member Sally 

                                  Blue and white Stars
 by member Paula

White and Black 
by member Lorna

Lovely apron navy and white 
 by member Lorraine 

And the fun continued as we celebrated our.. 
 "happy" 5th year. Hard to believe  it has been five yearsMembership remains at 100 . The projects that have been made are too numerous to enumerate. But most importantly the bonds of friendship that have been established in the last five years are remarkable. 

And the fun continues as the members play together ... 
An auction is going on 
and the auctioneers are ready ..members Nicole, Janice and Carmen.
 so are the members  
Let the bidding begin !
A game of strip poker...  
2½ inch strip of fabric that is ..

And a special surprise for member Clara. 
Member Suzanne presented her with a quilt she found in her mother's attic (Jacqueline Comeau) which was made by Clara's mom (Stella à Patrick) . 

The quilt depicts the church at Grand-Pré our,  Acadian, historical park here in Nova Scotia. The quilt is all hand-made. Hand embroidered, hand pieced and hand quilted.

What is a celebration without good food to share. 
Members(L to R)  : Susanne, "Moi" , Anna, Clara, Simone, Charmène, Elaine, and Paulette

 The executive served the members in recognition for all they do to support the Guild .

 A wonderful day .. 

Grateful to be together  ♥ 


  1. How wonderful! The quilts are beautiful! I'm so glad your guild has been so successful and so active. Just what you need. :-)

  2. Congratulations on 5 wonderful years together. Really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful quilts, I've been back through your post a couple of times to admire them. Best of luck with the big quilt show!
    xo Karen

  3. All of these Quilts are stellar! So much quilty eye candy. Happy five year anniversary! 100 members! Wow! I'm blown away by that Grand Pre quilt! What an awesome presentation. It gave me goosebumps! XO