Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Sunday, January 7, 2018

More than a full circle

Happy New Year everyone in blog land. It has been so long since I connected to my blog I was just not familiar with the steps to even log in.. 
I tilted this post "More than a full circle" because that is how my life has been travelling in the last two years. One thing that has been constant through it all is my quilting and the friends I made from blogging many years ago.
 Today I was reminiscing about the times we were all members of the Charming Girls Club with Kelly Guy. What fun that was sewing together. 
I am still very active in the Guilde Acdienne de Clare which has a cap of 100 members with a waiting list. We still meet every week . 
I did retire Dec 2014 after 25 years of being an Addiction counselor and 40 years in the health care system but I do have a lot of activities on my calendar and I hope to share some of these with you as I try to keep the conversion open on my blog from now on.

So... it is a new year and this week-end  I started a challenge from a local Quilt Shop owner Darlene d'Eon., called the 52 week quilt block challenge. We are asked to make two blocks weekly for the year.        
This is a perfect project to use scraps so I decided I would use my 
 Kansas Troubles stash. My second daughter Liette and her husband are building a cottage and I think this is the perfect quilt for her d├ęcor.  
 Here are my two blocks for this week..
I think I am going to name this quilt "For the love of scraps". 

It being January I am also hand quilting. I have this in my portable frame and enjoy watching old TV series like Diagnosis Murder, Matlock and Murder She Wrote. 
 I also have "Flowers for My wedding ring by Judy Neimeyer
 on the go. I love the look of this quilt and I have seen so many of our experienced quilters make the double wedding ring I almost felt I could not be classified a quilter unless I have one in my inventory. 

 The next project going is one by Edyta Sitar for Laundry Baskets called Seasonal Silhouettes 
 I machine appliqued the blocks 
 one for each month of the year. 
 I have finished all the blocks so now I am machine quilting
 them individually and  I am going to assemble the quilt after the blocks are all quilted.

Well I must say writing this post has brought back so many memories of  days gone by and the wonderful friends I made on Ouvrages d'une Acadienne.blogspot 
I do hope I will be faithful in posting regularly and that I will connect again with some of my followers who supported my blog many 24 hours ago. 


  1. Welcome back! I think so many bloggers, myself included, have cut back on our blogging time, but I don't want to give it up. My blogging friends have made me the quilter I am, and opened my eyes to so many new techniques and ways to spend my money. LOL! And as you know, I credit YOU with welcoming me into the blogging world. Glad to see you here, dear friend.

  2. Nice to read your words again, Joan. I too have fallen very behind in my blogging, which I honestly always enjoyed.
    You certainly are keeping busy with your quilting projects. My 52 week challenge is zipping right along and I like the look very much.
    Fresh snow coming down here this morning, and the world is sparkly bright. Enjoy your week!

  3. So nice to see you back in blogland. You are keeping busy with many projects! A double wedding ring is on my "one day" list.

  4. Am glad you posted, and shred your quilting busy-ness! Loved seeing your projects! It will be fun to watch your progress.